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Great Gatsby - nick carraway characterisation

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Nick Carraway characterisation: There are as many ways in which Nick caraway is presented as there are panes of stained glass in our chapel. Many panes of glass make up a window in which we see into another world, this world is the 1920's and the window we look through is tainted and coloured with who Nick is. As with a leaf Nick is split in two ways, one side is turned to the sun to catch its rays and reflect and the other is more reserved and instinctual it is his 'well rounded' side When skimmed this book is about the man Jay Gatsby but for every detail we learn about Gatsby we receive nudges and concentrated thoughts about Mr Carraway. We learn more on who Nick is. This information is presented in colour and trains of thought and while the words in the book tell us of Gatsby the feelings, perception, guile and monitored information tells us who we are really seeing and learning about. ...read more.


He had casually conferred on me the freedom of the neighbourhood." Nick reacts in such a strange way that we, as the readers, receive a direct link that he now feels, needed, as he did in college. The need to be trusted is an extremely personnel aspect of who Nick is and this factor of Nick goes on to reveal to us that when he is around people who are not entirely self sufficient he feels safe and secure in that knowledge. So when the women Jordan Baker is introduced to the story Nick is surprised to find that she seems to be self-sufficient and is feels an awkward and almost utters a sorry. Pg 14 "I was almost surprised into murmuring an apology for having disturbed her." and further down the page "Again a sort of apology arose to my lips. Almost any exhibition of complete self-sufficiency draws a stunned tribute from me." It is possible that Nick feels this way when he encounters self-sufficient people because when he is around them he can see for a moment that he himself is not entirely self-sufficient and can realise that while people may need him he most certainly needs people. ...read more.


Daisy and Tom haven't been brought closer to him but rather he has been enticed into feeling that he is remotely attached to the rich lifestyle that they live out and while Nick's confusion is due to their redundancy and lack of depth it is also partially because of his realisation that he has allowed himself to be absorbed by their falsities. This passage on pg 24 while not directly shows how Nick subconsciously wishes to be part of Tom and Daisy's society but it also shows how this part of himself conflicts with his beliefs of who he is. While Nick Carraway constantly proves to the readers his beliefs of who he is are true he also reveals many more aspects of his complex character that are simultaneously proved to be truthful and without fault. These aspects of who Nick Carraway is allows us to characterise and determine the factors which twist and alter our window into the events of this story. While Nick Carraway is our window we still learn about him through his own hidden and exclaimed complexities of his persona, proclaimed in the book. ...read more.

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