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Hamlet. I want to incorporate the story into a diary form of the remorse of Claudius after he killed and deceived his brother King Hamlet

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Hamlet, a play set in the kingdom of Denmark, a tragedy by William Shakespeare. The play emphasizes the revenge that Hamlet attempts to bring upon his uncle, King Claudius, for the killing of his Father, King Hamlet. Claudius, as the main antagonist, knows that he cannot benefit from his own sin. Claudius seeks Hamlet's death in an effort to save both his throne and his life, as he knows that Hamlet is aware of how his father died. I want to incorporate the story into a diary form of the remorse of Claudius after he killed and deceived his brother King Hamlet. It looks into his own horror of his bad deed. He writes a diary of the events that occurred and shows his regret and his possible lament that he had previously shown when he prayed to the angels. Claudius is sure that Hamlet knows what he did to his father. ...read more.


I would have never been a King but for my actions. I got everything I wished for at the beginning. The queen was in my arms and the crown placed on my head. But why am I now feeling this remorse? I know what I did was wrong, but admitting it will see me severely punished for my sin. May I be pardoned for this? I cannot refrain from my humane desire. I did it so irrationally and carefully at night when no one was around. O King Hamlet, I poured a small bottle of poison into your ear. I don?t know how I did it. I thought not twice about it. Hamlet showed a play to us. It was a trap, which he called a 'mouse traps'. He knew it all along. The play was just a test, to see how I will react. ...read more.


When Hamlet gets back to Denmark, the first thing that I am going to do is to set Laertes and Hamlet up to fight together. Laertes will avenge for his father, Polonius?s, death. I will put a poison pearl into the drink that Hamlet will drink after me. That way, he will be killed. Laertes has found out that Hamlet had killed Polonius, and will go for revenge. Hamlet will lose for sure, because Laertes is an expert in swords fight. If that does not work, Laertes?s sword will be dipped with deadly poison that will kill anybody instantly. It is too late to stop; I have to do this to save my life, my crown, and my empire. Pretty Ophelia, when sorrow comes, they come not alone, but in division of many; your father?s murder by Hamlet. He is now next to leave this kingdom along with Polonius. I feel too guilty, but I can?t stop anything now, it is too late for me to stop now. WC:805 . ...read more.

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