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How does Carol Ann Duffy use myths in her poems in The Worlds Wife?

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Myths in The Worlds Wife How does Carol Ann Duffy use myths in her poems in The Worlds Wife? Duffy uses myths as a base of many of her poems, and by doing this she doesn?t have to introduce a completely new character but instead she can build on to already existing characters that people already know of. Lets take ?Little Red Cap? as an example this is technically not a myth but a fairytale, but she used it in the same matter because most of her readers know of the fairytale ?Little Red Riding Hood?. She used this story as a kind of background for her poem because as we know in the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood is still a child, but in Duffys poem she is more of a young poet who falls in love with an older more experienced poet who is the wolf. ...read more.


So she took this myth and made a poem from the wife?s perspective or at least how she imagined the wife to be. She describes how hard it became for the wife because of her husbands choice and how she became scared that he will turn her into gold and she sent him away to live in a forest. These poems are both from a woman?s perspective just the same as most of the poems in The Worlds Wife. They both derived from some kind of myth/fairytale and they both portray men in a bad manner. When using myths Duffy alters them in some way to make them fit her style of poetry. In Little Red Cap she alters the story completely and keeps only the characters but in Mrs. ...read more.


There are several quotes like this in the poem which refer to the original fairytale. This shows how Duffy is still trying to keep it close to the original instead of just adding on her own story. In conclusion Duffy uses myths in her poems as a base structure and adds to it or changes the perspective either way she alters an already well know myth and makes it into her own poem. By doing this Duffy adds something her readers can recognize and maybe even relate to. This makes the poems more entertaining and more appealing to the readers and it makes it more interesting because by just looking at the title we can know which myth it is and its fun to see something we already know but in a different perspective. ...read more.

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