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How does Khaled Hosseini tell the story in chapter 12 in his novel The Kite Runner?

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How does Khaled Hosseini tell the story in chapter 12 in his novel 'The Kite Runner'? Khaled Hosseini in Chapter 12 of his allegorical novel The kite runner starts the chapter off using a telling method to inform the readers about the Afghani word 'yelda' which Ali taught him, something that Baba lacked on was teaching Amir any religious and cultural teaching which were important in Amir's life. Hosseini using a metaphorical way describes Amir's feelings and inner thoughts after he has met Soraya which he states as "every night of the week became a yelda for me". The reason why Amir might have used the word 'yelda' can be because he wants to express his feelings after meeting Soraya as calm and peaceful because yelda is the night were the 'moths flung themselves at candle flames' and 'wolves climbed to the mountain looking for sun'. In this sense Amir looking for a true love. After meeting Soraya Amir always remembers or describes her in poetic way which makes the readers feel that Soraya might be another thing as well as coming to America which will make Amir forget Hassan and the brutal incident which took place after the kite tournament. ...read more.


Their 'nang and namoos' was very important to them as the readers are aware of this when the dialogue between Amir and Baba takes place in the flea market, Baba says 'The man is a Pashtun. He has nang and namoos' which he is referring to General Sahib. As the dialogue between Amir and Soraya takes place the readers realize that he is struggling to speak to her, the readers are aware of this as Hosseini uses ellipses in Amir's speech and the use of repetition, he says 'To...pay my respect' almost making the readers feel that he might be blushing while speaking to her which in this case the blushing can be referred to a symbol of love. The thinking of society is very important in this novel as the readers already see that Baba is a very proud man and he does good only for show, even Amir has become like his father as he realizes that when him talking to Soraya will give both of them a bad name however mostly Soraya because she was 'unwed young women' and he was a 'mojarad' (single young man). ...read more.


With the use of anaphora, Amir describes the signs of cancer which Baba was giving out such as his 'first time moaning', his 'first time finding blood on the pillow and Baba 'first time being sick'. Hosseini's use of Anaphora describing the signs of cancer is effective because he gradually builds up to what the signs were. 'The sky darkened as the crowd gathered around s' the use of pathetic fallacy here is very effective because it describes Amir feelings as Baba has a seizure in flea market'. Hosseini used dull whether to inform the readers while creating suspense that something will happen to Baba which is going to have an effect on Amir's life. Without Baba Amir was nothing. Khaled Hosseini in this chapter has introduced the readers to two events in Amir's life, one of Baba's cancer and one of his hand in marriage with Soraya, the women he describes to the readers in a poetic form. Throughout the chapter Hosseini's use of dialogue between the characters make the reader know their emotions and feelings. In this chapter the only theme that Hosseini used is of love. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amina Bibi ...read more.

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