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How the abundant use of humor in the novel The Guide Written by R.K Narayan is a key feature that enriches the plot of the novel.

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Manuela Morales English A Year 1 DP. In the world of literature, writers tend to use certain characteristics to enrich the plot of their writings. Drama, Irony, Humor etc. One that has called my attention the most is how the abundant use of humor in the novel ?The Guide? Written by R.K Narayan is a key feature that enriches the plot of the novel. This feature is used in both narrators present in the story to show the main character?s complex personality as both a sinner and a saint. The first person, which is an autobiographical narration about the main character Raju, and the third person which is an omniscient narrator which could be perhaps the own writer. The third person narrative clearly shows a use of the author?s humor. When Raju becomes more comfortable with his role as a fake Swami (Spiritual master), the narrator uses humor to help unmask his compromises ...read more.


I had picked up a little terminology for Rosie and put it to the best use?and almost performed the dance act myself. They watched me in open-mouthed wonder.?The humorous look into Raju?s past creates laughter, as it guides the readers to view him through its comic lens. This use of humor in Raju?s self narrated first person draws him closer to the readers, and is thus integrally related to his characterization in the novel. Narayan?s gentle humor in The Guide performs an important dramatic function, the readers must sympathize with Raju throughout, and particularly in his enforced and fake sainthood despite his character as a rogue. Whilst judging Raju on his moral values, the reader has to laugh at the fact that the villagers at Malgudi have taken some regular guy as a guru: ?appearances are sometimes misleading.? It is relevant to mention that Narayan seeks to build up certain empathy for Raju through ...read more.


The outfit described makes it ridiculous to wear principally due to the hot climate of Malgudi that is constantly describer in the novel. This abundant use of humor upon Marco is perhaps due to Narayan?s employment of internal focalization in the novel, offering a view of Marco as always presented through Raju?s ,perhaps, jealousy eyes. As mentioned before this lack of sympathy towards Marco performs an important function in the novel which is to allow the readers prefer Raju, the sinner, than Marco. In conclusion, the humor presented through the novel allows, facilitating Narayan?s close and realistic observation of life trying to reflect the idea of some people that is usually considered as ?saints? or good people are actually ?sinners? or liars. Most important of all, these elements of humor are indispensable in evoking the reader?s sympathy for Raju twisting up the reader?s idea to leave them with an analysis initiative when the reading of the novel is done. Finally it can all be concluded by saying: ?appearances are sometimes misleading.? ...read more.

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