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I will be focusing on the significance of the two protagonists from two different fiction texts which are Washington square by Henry James and The Ballad of the Sad Caf by Carson McCullers. Both novels have similarities such as the two female protagonis

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English Essay Discuss the significance of two protagonists in two works of fiction studied on the unit. I will be focusing on the significance of the two protagonists from two different fiction texts which are Washington square by Henry James and The Ballad of the Sad Caf� by Carson McCullers. Both novels have similarities such as the two female protagonists being constantly tested by the one there loved ones. Nevertheless both female protagonists have diverse personalities as they both deal with certain situations in a different way. This essay will look at the techniques that both authors apply in order to have such a strong affect on their readers by the significance of the protagonist. . Henry James the author of Washington square was born in 1843 in Washington place, New York, of Scottish and Irish ancestry. Henry James son of theologian Henry James Sr. brother of the philosopher and psychologist William James, was an American-born British author. He spent much of his life in England and became a British subject shortly before his death. He is primarily known for a series of major novels in which he portrayed the encounter of America with Europe. ...read more.


Dr.Sloper becomes a significant character because Catherine's way of thinking at the end of the novel is to her father hence the theme of power and control as it is practiced constantly between characters. (pg 63) Amelia does not have a guardian such as Catherine due to her being such a strong-minded personality which becomes harder for her as she becomes attached to her Cousin Lymon for only to be hurt. The significance of Amelia in the fiction text is at the climax of the story occurs when the hatred between Miss Amelia and Macy explodes in a fist fight. After struggling Miss Amelia is about to win the fight when Lymon suddenly leaps onto her 'broad strong back' and 'clutched at her neck', enabling Macy to get the upper hand.(p67) This is a real 'confusion' for Amelia as at this point she feels betrayed and hurt. Not so long after Amelia feels alienated as the two 'left town' together. (Pg68).Eventually giving up hope, Amelia boards up the house and locks her self in as she feels that she only has her self to trust and count on. Once Catherine's father pasts away she inherits Washington square and still no yet love as she mentions to Morris that 'everything is dead and buried' giving the sense of realisation of reality for Catherine that the relationship was never going to work. ...read more.


This simile emphasis her isolation and sadness. McCullers shows the change and the aftermath of unrequited love by using the main female protagonists. Catherine also experiences change through love which Henry James presents in the novel many times. Catherine becomes the winner in the situation as the theme of unrequited love changes her thoughts and personality too. The narrator describes her as a 'poor' and 'simple-mind girl' who then beginnings to explore and do things for 'the first time in her life'. (pg 34) It's as if she coming out of her shell all due to love. By the end of her romance Catherine is described by Morris on there last encounter as a rude and having no concern for him as he recalls that 'she doesn't care a button for me - with her confounded little dry manner' (pg 219) This is a massive change in Catherine's personality as she now has gained more backbone and is more strong-minded than before. My conclusion is both authors have looked at the theme of loneliness and unrequited love. The significance of two protagonists reveals and show many themes and sets of ideas within the novel. Due to the different situations they are able to react different to how they would before they became in love or attached to another character. ...read more.

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