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Ibsen wanted to use his play A Dolls House to challenge the norms of society and criticize the way middle-class married woman were looked at. He wanted to portray Noras struggle through the restriction of society.

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Some Writers Reflect The Culture They Live In Others Challenge It. In what ways and with what effects has "The Doll's House" offered a critique of the culture? Ibsen wanted to use his play "A Doll's House" to challenge the norms of society and criticize the way middle-class married woman were looked at. He wanted to portray Nora's struggle through the restriction of society. The theme of a woman's right to individuality and the theme of a man and his wife trying to live their own individual lives were the cause of harsh criticism and controversy in the play because the audience of the late 19th century had never seen women as equals to men. They felt the play was too unrealistic, as in those days women were not seen as individuals but as dependent on their husbands or their fathers. The play created uproar in the contemporary theatres with Nora rejecting her family life and separating from Torvald. ...read more.


This made her leave her children and Torvald. Her decision to leave shocked theatergoers, as they had never seen anything like it before as it totally went against the culture of the time. The theme of a husband and wife both having to live separate lives was also criticized harshly because it was not considered proper in society for a man and is wife to be divorced at that time. Torvald was portrayed by Ibsen as the typical husband who thought his wife could not live independently. He also was only concerned with his social position. He did not care what trouble Nora would have to face because she forged her father's signature but was worried about what society would think of them. Ibsen went against the culture at that time by showing the wife as an independent person who could live without the help of her husband or her father. ...read more.


Their relationship turned on its head when Torvald read Krogstad's letter. Nora realized that Torvald was only concerned with his social position. She left Torvald and her children to live by herself. She did not care what society would think of her. It was social convention that decided what her role would be but her individuality made her separate from Torvald. Ibsen used Torvald and Nora's relationship to bring about the conflict between freedom and society's norms. Ibsen used the themes of his play and Nora's character to challenge the culture of his time. Society looked down upon independent women and divorces. Ibsen wanted to change the views of society. The play is based on the clash between societal norms and independence. When the play ends with Nora becoming independent critics were flabbergasted by Ibsen's portrayal of women. The portrayal of women in "A Doll's House" though controversial in the 19th century is accepted view in today's day and age which was just what Ibsen expected it to be. 1 Ibsen, Henrik A Doll's House Page 4 Kukar Rehan Year 11 ...read more.

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