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Importance of companionship in "The life of pi" by Yann Martel vs "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway

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Harsh Patel Mrs. Colwell ENG 2D8 4 June, 2012 Desire for Companionship The deep desire of companionship is understood by an individual when stuck in an inescapable situation of loneliness and only companionship becomes the motif for success. In both novels, Life of Pi by Yann Martel and The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, characters experience isolation as they are stranded on a boat at a great distance from land. Protagonists Pi Patel from Life of Pi and Santiago from The Old man and the Sea, both undergo a strong desire of companionship when experiencing loneliness. As a result, the characters gain strength in order to survive and to reach their ultimate goal. Throughout their novels, Martel and Hemingway demonstrate the increasing desire for companionship when experiencing isolationism and solitary conditions consequently motivates one to strive for success. In both Life of Pi and The Old Man and Sea, the need for a companion increases in both Pi?s and Santiago?s life as they are exposed to difficult situations. ...read more.


Evidently, Santiago extends his feelings for the fish as he calls him ?a friend? demonstrating his need for a companion during a desperate isolated situation. Furthermore, Santiago?s desire for companionship is not fulfilled by the Marlin and he remembers Manolin, the boy who is his co-sailor. Santiago, ?wishes [he] had the boy, [he] could not fail and die on a fish like this.?(39) It is Santiago?s simple desire to have the boy, Manolin, with him in this time of loneliness showing his extended need for a companion which was not accomplished by the great fish. On one hand, Pi?s desire for companionship increases as he connects to Richard Parker. Similarly, Santiago expresses his desire for a companion by wishing the boy and presenting feelings for the fish. On the whole, one?s desire for companionship becomes stronger when undergoing a solitary situation. As a result of extended companionship in the worst isolated scenarios, it motivates an individual to strive for survival. Richard Parker plays a significant role in Pi?s painful journey as his presence saves Pi from feeling extremely friendless. ...read more.


But I am sure he would have confidence. I live in a good town that will come soon after.?(85). Santiago wants to return to his town where he is loved by many especially the boy which motivates him to return as soon as possible and escape the isolated situation. Both Pi and Santiago share the same situation for isolation however they have their own source of motivation from their companion. Pi is motivated by Richard to strive for survival, similar to Santiago who is encouraged by the fish and his beloved town to strive to reunite. Therefore, the desire of companionship is a motivating factor to which allows a person to strive for survival. In a situation of intense conditions of isolation, the desire of a companion becomes great and ultimately becomes the motivation for obtaining survival. Richard serves as a companion for Pi when it is strongly desired, similarly to the fish and boy who provide companionship to Santiago. Due to this, the characters gain strength for survival and achieving their goal. When one experiences great condition of solitary, the need for a companion becomes vital in order to overcome the obstacle of despair and reach their destination. ...read more.

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