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In Cold-Hearted, David Wong Louie reveals an ironic plot in highlighting a troubled relationship between a father and his son, and how cultural differences also plays a big role.

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Literary Analysis Essay #1 In "Cold-Hearted", David Wong Louie reveals an ironic plot in highlighting a troubled relationship between a father and his son, and how cultural differences also plays a big role. It shows consequences that can occur how when you are raised in another country but you have a different culture. The plot of this story is an irony, because the bond between Genius and his son Lawrence isn't that strong. "After his wife delivering so many girls, they finally got a son. The father waited for Lawrence to turn into "a set of wheels." (Louie, 2006, p.218). With this we can see how Genius has always seen Lawrence as just a second hand to help in the family and that Lawrence feels left out. That he doesn't get that attention he thought he deserves since he is the only son in the family. ...read more.


Lawrence is a Chinese boy who has been living in the States for quite some time now. So he is bound to bump into cultural differences. In the second paragraph in the story he describes what is to be found in his refrigerator in his house. He states: "It was among the embarrassment of his youth." (Louie, 2006, p. 217). He was comparing his culture to the American culture. "What real people ate. With forks and knives, your own plate, your own portion, no more dipping into the communal soup bowl." (Louie, 2006, p. 217). But this is just his view about his culture. He also faces racism and is embarrassed when other people call his family "crazy chinks". For a split second he doubts his culture, "Maybe these two thugs were right, there was something unerringly Chinese about hauling this useless machine" (Louie, 2006, p. ...read more.


"Oh, it's just some crazy chinks," (Louie, 2006, p.220-221). It may be normal for Genius to drag some old refrigerator back home, but society sees it differently. Genius says, that he doesn't want to call attention to themselves and that he doesn't want people saying "Oh, look at that big shot, he must have won that nice refrigerator." (Louie, 2006, p.219). You can very well make out that they do care what society thinks about them. Every culture is different and when your living in some other country it can be difficult sometimes. But it also depends on the family. I think Genius leaving his family when Lawrence was a kid has an effect on Lawrence. Chinese cultures I guess the family is always together. With family I mean the mother and father are always together with their children. Genius leaving wasn't normal I suppose. Reference: Louie, D.W. (2006). Cold-Hearted. In P. Shreve & B. M. Nguyen (Eds.), 30/30: Thirty American stories from the last thirty years (pp. 76-89). New York: Pearson. Harshita Tirthdas ...read more.

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