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In Ernest Hemingways Hills Like White Elephants, we find two people outside of a pub/tavern waiting for a train drinking a few beers

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Lopez Javier A. Lopez Professor Watson English 1B 9/3/12 Maybe the Hills are White Elephants? In Ernest Hemingway?s ?Hills Like White Elephants,? we find two people outside of a pub/tavern waiting for a train drinking a few beers and enjoying their times. As the story goes on we see that the man is somewhat of a protagonist of the story because we see him start multiple unnecessary arguments with her throughout the story. When she says that the hills resemble "white elephants" and the man seems uninterested and argues with her whether or not he has seen a "white elephant". Noticing that "Hills Like White Elephants" was written in the 1920's, the topic of the story continues to be a controversial subject because not once does neither say what they?re actually talking about. ...read more.


We see this happen over and over again because she doesn?t want it and he does. Now looking at the other aspect of the situation is if they are even a couple or not? The man is called the American throughout the story and nothing else. While the name Jig is given to the lady. Now a jig I know from today?s culture is some sort of dance if I remember. I?m not totally sure why the name Jig is so significant. It hit me along the way, I began to think the man had a wife and that Jig did not know he was married. Since Jig?s ethnicity was really never shown, we won?t really know if she is the spouse of this man. It is almost as if the man traveled a lot and that he had impregnated a lady when he was away from home. ...read more.


He begins to ease off of her rejecting all of what she saying about loving him forever and that they can have everything taking me back to the conclusion of how this isn?t the Americans first ride. To conclude, noticing how short the story was says so much of how much detail and context Hemingway puts into his words and lines. He did not once say the word abortion at all and knowing that it has been such a huge topic since those days and in today?s new culture. It?s tough to put that into a paper and describe the deep feeling of two people just simply talking about it. He did a masterful job of explaining it very thoroughly but yet leaving readers as myself on a ledge wondering if she went through with it or not. The American was the bad guy in the story id say. This is a good read for everyone and I recommend it to everyone man or women. ...read more.

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