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In hawk roostitng, an otter, and pike, how does hughes present nature as timeless and deeply connected to the past.

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In hawk roostitng, an otter, and pike, how does hughes present nature as timeless and deeply connected to the past. The three poems by Ted Hughes are strongly connected to nature and timelessness. As we know, Ted Hughes was very strongly influenced by mythology, and as we find out once we read the three poems, they are also very strongly connected to mythology. The first poem "Pike" is divided into three sections; the first is a description of the pike. And Ted Hughes as we get to see describes this animal as a naturally born beast and killer. "Pike, three inches long, perfect Pike in all parts, green triggering the gold. Killers from the egg: the malevolent aged grin. They dance on the surface among the flies." The Pike is three inches long, and it is perfect. This strongly relates to timelessness and evolution; this animal evolved to be a perfect killer from the egg and wear�s the suitable malevolent grin it developed through eras of evolution. It is so perfectly evil, that you can only see it by itself, surrounded by nothing but flies. This first stanza of "Pike" is very similar to the first stanza of the other two poems. the similarity comes from the description of the animal as one of perfection, this is shown below. ...read more.


scary comparing it with an eel�s, but at the same time i think it relates to the good eyesight an eel has. But it also makes the Otter seem some what mythological, since an eel is long, snake typed, dark animal. the second describes the Otter as a half beast and half fish, this relates strongly to mythology and the past since half animals are very unknown to man. The Otter is also described to be an animal made of several others: In the first line, his eyes are take from an eel, in the second and third the Otter becomes a half fish, in the last line of the first stanza, the otter is like an old tomcat. Further in the poem the Otter is also described as a horse "Gallops along land he no longer belongs to". I believe the writer tries to take take the best qualities from completely different animals and combine them to make the perfect one: The Otter. Once again this relates to timelessness and evolution. Other examples from the Otter that also are closely related to the past are shown below: "Four-Legged yet water gifted" "With Webbed feet and long ruddering tail" this quote goes back to making the Otter a half mammal and half fish, but better than both, and all of this thanks to eras of evolution. ...read more.


This Hawk and the Pike can relate to gods, since they are the masters of everything and the only one who can challenge them is one of their own kind, just like gods in ancient mythology could only be threatened by other gods. This is also a connection to the timelessness and the past. Unlike these two, the Otter has a different role; nothing in the poem give him a negative image. What we can learn is that the Otter is running away, because his grounds are taken over by humans. This can relate to the old kings in england, that when their land was taken over, they had to run, otherwise they would get killed, and as we can find out, Ted was also very strongly influenced by this ancient england. "Re-enters the water by melting. Of neither water nor land. Seeking Some world lost when he first dived, that cannot come at since," In conclusion, the three poems are full of relevance to timelessness and mythology. Ted creates new ways of looking at the beasts that we all know as one of the millions of animal species and shows them as gods in their own territory. But also he shows how perhaps this invincible god exist only within the Hawk, the Otter and the Pike, because as we can see in "An Otter", once humans will come into this territory, all that you will have left to do, run. ...read more.

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