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In Medea, Euripides uses Medea to portray his views on the unfair treatment of women in Greek society and to depict women as a formidable force.

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"Medea" During the time of the Ancient Greeks, the role of women and their subordination to men was at the center of the social order. According to Aristotle, a clever woman should never be the subject of a tragedy because she is not fit to be the heroin. In Medea, Euripides uses Medea to portray his views on the unfair treatment of women in Greek society and to depict women as a formidable force. At the beginning of the play, Medea gives a speech to the Chorus in which she states the social injustices that affect women. Medea believes that women, although made the same as men, must endure horrible social injustices. ...read more.


Euripides uses Medea to show that women are not the feeble creatures that Greek society portrays them to be, but rather as strong willed creatures who will commit vengeful acts if scorned. Jason often reminded Medea that she was an outsider because she came from another land that was not Athens. The Greeks considered anyone not from Greece as barbarians or a savage people. Medea from the beginning was told that she was nothing without Jason. Because Jason left Medea, she will now be made an exile. Medea was far from home, without any family to protect her so she had no other choice but to fend for herself. ...read more.


Medea tells Creon that men expect women to be born stupid because they look down upon the clever. I found it interesting that Euripides uses this as a stepping-stone to bolster his views on the female position. Although Medea is a clever and cunning woman, she has no outlet in which to display her skills. Therefore, this makes it acceptable for her to use her skills to enact her personal revenge on Jason and show him that she is not the typical dimwitted woman that Greek society has expected her to be. Because Greek mothers mostly read this play to young boys, Greek men would have been careful not to leave a woman scorned. Euripides successfully warns men against underestimating women by his portrayal of the heinous crimes Medea committed. ...read more.

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