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In the Great Gatsby, there are many lies that are told throughout the story

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Daruny Yang 09/27/2012 Hour 2 Great Gatsby ?A Bad Lie? Like many novels, there are going to be many people that disguise themselves from the true world. Sometimes the things that we do are for the good but other times it?s for the bad. Secrets are hidden, lies are told, the truth comes out, and some people are not who they really seem or claim to be. And as humans we all make mistakes here and there but sometimes lying to protect the one?s you love and care about most is good but it can also result into horrible consequences. In the Great Gatsby, there are many lies that are told throughout the story. The main lies is when Tom cheats on Daisy, Daisy cheats on Tom, Jordan Baker cheats at a golf tournament ?a bad lie?, Gatsby lies to Daisy and everyone about his true identity, and finally Daisy runs over Myrtle. All these lies play a big part throughout the book because it helps characterize the characters through action but it also shows us a deeper and hidden side of each character. ...read more.


Throughout this whole book, we question who Gatsby really is. He lies about his life, his past, and his money. He?s known to be mysterious, scary, and a killer but supposedly they?re just rumors. Another thing he lied about was his name. His real name is James Gatz and one reason why he lies about his name is because he?s hiding something. Gatsby technically lied when he told everyone that his money was passed onto him through a family member. Dan Cody is not blood related family but Gatsby looks to him as a father figure ?I am the son of some wealthy people in the middle west ? all dead now. I was brought up in America but educated at Oxford, because all my ancestors have been educated there for many years. It is a family tradition? (66). This shows that Gatsby didn?t have to work for his status. He says that his education at Oxford was because his ancestors had gone there, so in a way he had ?connections? to get into the school and he did not have to earn his way in. ...read more.


As angry as Wilson was, Wilson headed over to Gatsby?s mansion and see?s Gatsby in the pool and suddenly he shoots Gatsby and then he shoots himself. Throughout this whole novel, you can see that some people are not who they seem to be. Other people are willing to put themselves at risk for the ones they love. Each lie covered a different story and all the lies combined together created a huge tragedy. Gatsby claimed that he killed Myrtle when he really didn?t and Nick cuts off ties with Jordan from his life because she?s a liar and a cheater which would affect their relationship. In the end Gastby died taking the blame for Daisy, Myrtle died wanting to see Tom, Nick lost Jordan because of her dishonesty, Wilson died trying to finish the truth, and Daisy and Tom went for a ?trip? to start a new beginning. Everyone went on with their lives as if nothing happened. As humans, we tend to do things like lie about things that we feel is best for ourselves and others but we never realize how bad the outcome of these lies can result in. In the Great Gatsby, you never know the truth until it?s too late. ...read more.

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