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In the novel The Wine of Astonishment, the writer Earl Lovelace makes us aware of the struggles of Bonasse, a rural community in Trinidad. We meet two outstanding characters in the novel, Bee Dorcas the village pastor, and Bolo,

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Sunday 24th June 2012 Q: Compare the characters Bolo and Bee showing: Similarities and differences in their personalities The extent to which those in power in the society try to break their spirit How far society is successful in doing so A: In the novel ?The Wine of Astonishment,? the writer Earl Lovelace makes us aware of the struggles of Bonasse, a rural community in Trinidad. We meet two outstanding characters in the novel, Bee Dorcas the village pastor, and Bolo, the champion stickfighter. Though there may be distinct differences between them, these characters are still similar in several ways. Both Bolo and Bee are leaders in one way or the other. Bee is the spiritual leader, the head of the Shouter Baptiste church and the man who the village depends on for guidance and religious uplifting. However, Bolo is a warrior leader to the village. The huge similarity between Bee and Bolo exists in their care for the village. Bee?s concern for the people is shown in his persistence to lead the church even when the Shouters? Prohibition Ordinance has been passed. ...read more.


He is more aggressive and does not care about the repercussions of his choices. For example Bolo is adamant that Prince needs to be killed not thinking about the backlash that this action could have on the village. His aggressive leadership is also shown when he himself fights Prince and the police. He didn?t care about the consequence, the possibility of imprisonment. Bolo and Bee both experience some form of oppression by these individuals in society. Bee for example is burdened by the country?s harsh rejection of his village church. First they ban the practice of the religion with the Shouters Baptiste Prohibition Ordinance and then they also inflict harsh punishment on Bee and his followers such as when Prince invades the church. Bolo is also affected by the authority?s tyranny of the church. In the first chapter Eva describes him as shocked and disappointed when the church fails to sing with the zeal they were accustomed to. Bolo is further oppressed when he is beaten down like an animal by the police and put in jail. ...read more.


Bolo?s notorious acts towards the ending of the story came about because he was angered at the village?s weakness and their inability to stand up for what they believed. Bolo stole people?s money, stole vendors fruits and even Primus? daughter just to test the villagers? bravery to speak out for themselves. Bolo is impervious to the malice of the authorities. Even though he may have been portrayed as a bad character, Bolo was really begging the people to stand up for their rights. The power of the authorities no longer affected Bolo after this burst of anger swallowed him. What really broke Bolo?s heart was the weakness of his people. Bolo and Bee are just two characters from the novel ?The Wine of Astonishment.? However they both contribute significantly to the story?s plot and themes. They share their similarities and differences and both bear the tyranny inflicted upon them and their people by the authorities. Most importantly, Bolo and Bee Dorcas? leadership roles in the village of Bonasse help us to understand and experience the struggles of their people. ...read more.

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