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In the story, there are approximately 5 main characters. First of all, we have Jalil, father of Mariam Jo. Personally I dislike this characters choices. When confronted by his three wives about the birth of his harami child Mariam he feels forced to is

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D. In the story, there are approximately 5 main characters. First of all, we have Jalil, father of Mariam Jo. Personally I dislike this character's choices. When confronted by his three wives about the birth of his harami child Mariam he feels forced to isolate them away from society so that he does not displease his three wives and so that he is not thought of a terrible man in the city as he is a popular figure. His choice to outcast them was a terrible choice. Although society at the time would have strongly disliked his choice to have had her in her home, she is nonetheless his family and if he truly cared about his 'daughter' he would have cared for her in his household and would have sacrificed his reputation to have her in his life. Furthermore, when his daughter comes knocking on his door wanting to see him on her birthday, he leaves her laying on the street in the cold all night without seeing her for one instant afraid of being seen with her. ...read more.


Mariam is at first a weak character, as she struggles with Rasheed and struggles with fear, but she does remain persistent, she continues to make an effort although Rasheed is always unhappy about everything she does. I particularly like the bond she formed with Laila and the fact that she took care of her and her children along with her. Furthermore, her last act of bravery in killing Rasheed to save Laila is honorable and I respect it. Rasheed is a disgusting, disrespectful, ugly, mean, violent, egotistical, arrogant, dishonest and cold hearted man. I very much dislike this character as he does not care for his wives, but only what they can provide him with. When Mariam could not provide a child he outcasted her as her father did. He started being more and more violent with her, treated her like she was worth nothing. All he cares about is having another son, he will momentarily care for whatever and whoever can satisfy his will. He deserved his death, as being violent in my eyes is wrong. His perception on political regime is plainly stupid since all he is doing by accepting the Taliban's takeover is accepting the ...read more.


She would leave home to get beaten over and over by militia men just to go see her daughter as she promised she would do. She is a loyal caring and loving parent. It is for that that I admire her. Finally we have Tariq, also a very brave character. Tariq isn't seen a whole lot in the book, but his presence in Laila's thoughts and dreams make him a vital character. He has always cared for Laila, as a good man should. He stands up for her when needed; he faces bullies with one leg, an act no other character could ever match up to. He doesn't let his one leg stop him from being who he is, doing the things he does with Laila like going to visit the Buddha statues with Laila and her father. He saves Laila from her savage environment by fulfilling his promise to come back. He provides sanctuary for her, and a loving caring and enjoyable environment as well as a promising future. I admire all of his actions; I can't say I dislike anything about him, except that it took him so long to come back. ...read more.

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