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In this extract from the dystopian novel "1984" by George Orwell, the two main themes are the totalitarian government and the inevitability of death

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Subject: English Lit & Lang Analysis of text: Extract from INGSOC In this extract from the dystopian novel ?Ingsoc? by George Orwell, the two main themes are the totalitarian government and the inevitability of death. The author uses graphological features to relate the extract to these two themes by describing a negative, dark and sinister government controlling Oceania. In the first line of the extract the author uses ???, this use of morphology is there to show that the sentence is a continuation of a previous one, which again states that this is an extract. The author uses ideology through ?sacred principles? to show that the rules in this totalitarian state are worshiped and seen as godly. The writer?s pragmatics is to show that the Oceanic people?s culture and traditions are based on respecting their sacred principles. In the first paragraph a lot of short sentences are used to capture and alert the reader, this prevents the reader from forgetting what has happened at the beginning of the sentence. ...read more.


?IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH? as well is a quote contradictory by definition but means that no matter what the totalitarian government says or commands the people will follow without question. At the end of line ten and beginning of line eleven the author states that even on a coin the eyes of the government are planted, ?from the coin the eyes pursued you?. This is an emphasis on how controlling the government is in Oceania, it creates a sense of loss of political power. Usually most countries run on democratic systems which comes from the Ancient Greek meaning ?Power to the people?. The people have the power to choose, they have the power to decide for themselves and they have the power to elect; nonetheless Oceania seems to run on a more traditional system of power to only one group or one man. This paints a dark, oppressive and hopeless image in the readers mind, the writer is able to change the tone of the reading through drilling a depressed view of the world and the rest of the protagonist?s life. ...read more.


In line 25 the author relates to the militaristic society by mentioning a military way of telling the time ?telescreen tuck fourteen?, again this gives the impression of an organised, strict battalion of people under punctual rules. However in the line 27 the author introduces the first positive feeling of hope and individuality by giving the protagonist a ?new heart?. He begins thinking positively and the author is also able to relax the reader, because the extract has been so intense that finally the light has shined on the protagonist and he realises that ?staying sane? is how you carry ?human heritage? not by being heard. To conclude the author uses the term ?you? a lot during the extract to involve the reader more and to make them feel as the protagonist is feeling. More importantly, in my opinion the purpose of this extract is to state that no matter how dark or hateful your life is at the moment; always stay sane because eventually the light will shine on you and you will figure out how to have freedom in an environment where being free is impossible. ...read more.

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