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In V.S. Naipauls novel A House for Mr. Biswas, tradition has negatively impacted Mohun Biswas life.

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From the day he took his first breath, to the day he took his last breath in his home, Mr. Biswas had almost always struggled with his liberty. He wanted to be self-reliant and away from his mother's controlling ways. He looked forward to the day in his life that he would have his own true freedom, where he could live his life the way he wanted to without relying on family. This day would be the first day of the rest of his life. Since the first day of his life, till his dieing day, Mr. Biswas had always been followed by his bad luck and misfortune. There wasn't a way around this calamity. It always seemed to have accompanied him. He somehow had to escape it and finally be free. In V.S. Naipaul's novel A House for Mr. Biswas, tradition has negatively impacted Mohun Biswas' life. The tradition of having your life predicted by a Pundit was what foretold Mr. Biswas' life. Mohun Biswas is the poor son of a superstitious family in Trinidad. He was born with six fingers on one hand, and his family thinks he is cursed all because of the Pundit. ...read more.


Consequently, Mr. Biswas went against the superstitious order of staying away from water that his mother had given him, and accidentally caused his father's death. Ever since his birth, Mr. Biswas never has an opportunity to develop a sense of self. He is always finding himself in situations that make him feel powerless. Due to this powerlessness he is always in situations where he is having people tell him what to do. He never has any personal power. Mr. Biswas realizes that with money and possessions a person tends to have more power in society Mr. Biswas is caught in the grasp of feudalism. He is trapped in the rigid class structure that controls his society. He is always listening to others and never makes decisions about his own life or well-being. Mr. Biswas is a "wanderer with no place he could call his own, with no family except that which he was to attempt to create out of the engulfing world of the Tulsi's." It all started with him flirting with a member of the family he works for (the Tulsi's), a girl named Shama. ...read more.


Therefore, Mr. Biswas conquers all of the obstacles that are placed in front of him by this rigid society. He does what he wants to do and doesn't care what is going to be said about him. The predictions given to Mr. Biswas as a child by the pundit, his father's drowning and marrying into the Tulsi family are all part of the traditions that have negatively influenced Mr. Biswas' life, in the novel A House for Mr. Biswas by V.S. Naipaul. It seemed like it was impossible for Mr. Biswas to achieve anything while he had many misfortunes. He felt like the Tulsi family's hold over him was too strong. It seemed as if his bad luck was following him wherever he went and would ruin things especially his short lived relationship with his father. In conclusion, in the end, Mr. Biswas was able to surpass all of the obstacles in his life. He was able to escape the predictions given by the pundit, his bad luck seemed to have disappeared, and he finally escaped the hold the Tulsi family had on him. At last, he was able to live a normal and happy life with his wife Shama and his children. Breaking away from tradition and finding your true self is very important in life. ...read more.

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