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In what sense is ones understanding of the anti-communist purges of the McCarthy era enhanced through the study of Arthur Millers The Crucible?

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Wendy Yang IB Englsih 11 Period 3 ?In what sense is one?s understanding of the anti-communist ?purges? of the McCarthy era enhanced through the study of Arthur Miller?s The Crucible? McCarthy era was a period of time during the 1940s and 1950s when communist Soviet Union and republic United Sates were at Cold War with each other. The similarity and allegorical relationship between The Crucible and McCarthyism are important aspects in understanding the play. ...read more.


The play showed that the Soviet was a threat upon US with the evil spirits representing communism. Another similarity is that Joseph McCarthy, US Senator at the time, claimed more than two hundred people in the State Department to be members of the American Communist Party. He had no substantial proof of his claims but this did not prevent him from arresting these ?communists? because of the anti-Communist fervour and public and media?s fear that opposition could cause themselves be arrested as Communists. ...read more.


The accused members in the State Department were assumed guilty and to be put on trials and confess while reveal the names of other communists. A resemblance of this situation was shown in the play when Salem witches were coerced by hanging to confess and divulge their fellows to be involved in witchcraft. These unsubstantial accusations not only caused the loss of many innocent lives, but also increased the internal hostility, anxiety and fear among villagers in Salem and citizens in US. The witch-hunt in both Salem and McCarthy era were phenomenon that demonstrated fanaticism. ...read more.

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