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In William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying, it shows how Darl has changed from being sane to insane throughout the novel

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Darl Bundren Sane or Insane In William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying, it shows how Darl has changed from being sane to insane throughout the novel. No one recognizes this change in Darl until he does the unthinkable by trying to burn the barn down to cremate his mother. Darl starts to lose his grasp on reality when he begins to realize that his mother is dead and never coming back. To some, Darl may be considered insane but for others he could seem completely sane. It is up to the reader to decide whether or not he is. There are many events on the Bundren family's journey to Jefferson leading to Darl's episode where he is eventually sent to a mental asylum. Darl does some pretty insane things in this story, but some would say he does have motives for doing them. ...read more.


Some may even say that Darl was mad from the very beginning. Darl just becomes more insane because the events throughout the novel get out of control for him. His mother dies, and it is up to the family to bury her body in Jefferson.The Bundren?s have to encounter flooded rivers that they have to get through all while trying to transport Addie?s dead body. Darl finally cracks and burns down the barn Addie?s corpse is in. All Darl wanted from his mother was to be loved by her, but he did not mean anything to her. Addie does admit she loves Cash because he was the first-born, before she knew how horrible her life was going to be. Then, she has Jewel out of an affair with the priest; her one break away from life. She loves Jewel for this reason. ...read more.


It is when Darl is on the bus to the insane asylum that he completely goes insane. Darl starts talking to himself in third person and begins to lose his identity. His family for many reasons could be seen as the trigger affect to Darl?s insanity. Whether or not Darl is insane is unclear. Darl feels justified for what he did to the barn but for everyone it looks like madness. Darl?s ability to see things the average person would not ordinarily see is what makes him so different from his family. He strangely knows that Dewey Dell is pregnant and also knows Jewel is not Anse?s son. This could be reasons that his family quickly agreed to send him to the insane asylum for fear of their secrets being revealed. Although the truth will never be said, it is for the enjoyment of the reader to decide if Darl is insane. ...read more.

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