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Ismail Kadare - Broken April Critical Analysis Essay Plan

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Thesis ? On one hand, through the rendition of a strong intellectual disposition to Gjorg and Diana, and gradual maturation of their analytical energies, but on the other hand, through the portrayal of Gjorg?s fatalistic outlook on ?Kanun? and languid state of hesitation throughout and eventually, their tragic endings, Ismail Kadare in ?Broken April? questions the likelihood whether it is really possible for man to break free from the shackles of age old tradition. Body 1 Point - Gjorg and Diana are both portrayed as independent and deep thinkers. Evidence 1 1. He deliberately missing target first time ( 2 quotes ) 2. He questioned how ironic the exclusion of the priest?s was? 3. Most of them would rejoice that the bloody shirt of their family member has finally been washed but for Gjorg, it sees through the vanity of all this. It gives him no comfort. 4. He even imagines that the life of his clan would have been if there hadn?t been 22 deaths. 5. Plane incident ? Metaphorically, he just saw his dreams ?fly? away. ...read more.


Explanation ? It seems like He is trying to justify Kanun?s power by deliberately creating a mental battle between two conflicting personal views. This endeavor seems ineffectual and renders Gjorg to be in a state of immense hesitation and non-action. Maybe, he should, jump into corrective action. Why this fake justification? Why this fatalistic attitude? Is it ingrained? Why doesn?t he jump to the nearest plane to the city? (It did strike him) All in all, it?s quite clear that Kadara has painted Gjorg?s characterization as that of intense analytical and intellectual ability that sees through the fallacies of everything but is unable to act concretely on them. Body 3 Point ? Diana too has her bright moments but then she falls into these ?outsider? moments where she is half-hearted in her intellectual dissection of ?Kanun?. She is more humanistic and sensitive to living beings rather than concepts. Evidence ? Find the quotes where she is lacking in her fervor and feels lazy to argue anymore. ...read more.


She leaves in silence towards the end). Tradition has crushed individual progressive thought. Evidence ? Reference/quotes where hope is dwindling and Kanun is winning. But, Diana gives one last shot by entering the tower. She is still strong in her action. Quotes of Gjorg?s renewed interest in finding the carriage. But eventually the gunshot ? tragedy ensues. Bessian mentions that some part of her is left in the mountains forever. Explanation ? With all the high and lows of Gjorg and Diana?s thoughts and actions, Kadare rings the final death bell and ends Broken April as a tragedy. Why he chose this tragic ending? One will never know. Maybe he is recounting his own experiences where the Albanian courts were putting him on trials and ?troubling? him from 1945 to 1985 because of his radical views. Eventually, he ?gave up? and sought political asylum in France. Maybe, Kadare is trying to tell the readers that, there is no point in trying to find an age old custom. One will only die in vain pursuit. Maybe, it is better to safeguard one?s sanity and flee beyond the madness. Conclusion ? Resummarize all the point in your language style ...read more.

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