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Ispahan Carpet by Elizabeth Burge describes the poets visit in Persia as she examines the carpet makers.

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Vincent Liow Ispahan Carpet ?Ispahan Carpet? by Elizabeth Burge describes the poets visit in Persia as she examines the carpet makers. Although the poem?s title suggests that the poem is centered on Persian carpets, the poet does not wholly concentrates on its beautiful handicrafts. The poet?s attention is especially drawn to the girls making these rugs in this poem .Through various the use of literacy devices, the readers are able to adopt the poet?s feelings and thoughts as she examines the girls at work. The poem is written in stanzaic form of five stanzas each on one idea. In the first stanza, the poet gives us her first impressions when she say the carpet making ?firm? as the descriptions given as visual. ...read more.


Furthermore we are given the impression that the carpet making is like a piece of art or ?traditional beauty?. This is one of the ideas that the poet wants us to understand. There are both the feelings of amazement and pity exhibited in this poem as the encounters the girls making the carpets. A tone of disappointment is used by the poet as she introduces the carpet-makers. By writing ?Eight-year-old girls sit sparrowed on a plank?, Burge shows her feeling of shock as she did not expect to see young children working as such. The poet sees the job unfit for these children as they are given the impression to be fragile and weak through the use of a simile, ?bent like old women?. ...read more.


Indeed, the poet has not forgotten that the skills of these girls are exceptional. The fourth stanza is quite important as it is directed toward the readers. The importance of carpets is shown through the metaphor ?whole horizon? meaning that carpets are used everywhere. But, the ?traditional beauties? made by this girls is so unique, such that it is made impossible to destroy. The poet makes use of a rhetorical question ?Who can unravel the world?s weaving??. Even though Burge gives us no detailed description of the ?Ispahan Carpet?, we understand that it is something unique to be admired and valued. To conclude, we see that Burge seems to be against child labour and does this through this poem. In this poem she makes use of numerous techniques, such as structure, imagery, metaphor and tone in such a way to interconnect all of them to make a very pleasing and revealing poem ...read more.

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