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Jhumpa Lahiris short stories: Sexy, Interpreter of MaladiesandThis Blessed House of Interpreter of Maladies

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Soni Communication is Happiness Failure of comprehension and the lack of communication are two connecting concepts, very much seen as the basis of unsuccessful relationships everywhere. In Jhumpa Lahiri?s short stories: ?Sexy,? ?Interpreter of Maladies?and?This Blessed House? of Interpreter of Maladies, a debut collection of short stories, Lahiri reveals that relationships are fraught with difficulties such as understanding themselves, understanding love and understanding relationships culturally. Self realization is the maturing of one?s personality, as demonstrated by Miranda in ?Sexy? as she reflects on herself, triggering change in her secrete affair with Dev. While babysitting Laxmi?s cousin Rohin, Miranda, tries on the dress she had once gotten to wear in front of Dev. After Rohin calls her ?sexy? Miranda desperately searches for an answer in him to what it means, as Dev called her that as well once before. After a great struggle, Rohin ?looked at her, eyes like slits, cupped hands around his mouth, and then whispered, ?It means loving someone you don?t know?? (Lahiri 107). Rohin?s simplistic words strike Miranda. The comparison of Rohin?s physical appearance to slits literally gashes an intense situation as he sharply looks into Miranda and states something she already knows. ...read more.


For instance, Mrs. Das is completely unconcerned to her tour and only shows interest upon knowing Mr.Kapasi?s occupation. Mrs. Das sees the reliance of patients on Mr. Kapasi as ?romantic? (Lahiri 50). He becomes mesmerized by her as she includes him in their picnic and offers to send him photos. In thought of having contact beyond this short interaction, Mr. Kapasi imagines that ?she would write to him and he would respond eloquently? (Lahiri 55).The diction, Mr. Kapasi?s choice of using ?eloquently? is the basis of Mr. Kapasi?s fantasy. It emphasizes his desire for a friend, someone to pull him out of lonesome. He undermines his profession, seeing the way his life turned out as a fail. Mrs. Das appreciates his job, and makes him feel important and happy. This ignites Mr. Kapasi?s disappointment when Mrs. Das confesses about her son. As ?the slip of paper with Mr. Kapasi?s address on it fluttered away in the wind? he is reminded that his misinterpretation reveals impossibilities (Lahiri 69). Additionally, the use of imagery as he describes the paper taken by the wind truly symbolizes Mr. Kapasi as he is taken away by his dream like persona of what love really is. ...read more.


The night of their house warming party, all Sanjeev?s colleagues and friends see the iconography displayed about the house, and question him if he is Christian, which makes him flustered and uncomfortable. However, the guests are infatuated by Twinkle and while they follow her up to the attic, Sanjeev stays down and thinks of all the possible things he could do, uninterrupted. ?He could sweep Twinkle?s menagerie into a garbage bag and get in the car and drive it all to the dump, and tear down the poster of weeping Jesus, and take a hammer to the Virgin Mary while he was at it? (Lahiri 155). Sanjeev?s run-on sentences suggest his childish behavior as in response to Twinkle receiving all his guest?s attention. His continuity of adding ?and? represents his anger. Moreover, with literary devices such as simile, alliteration, diction, imagery, fragments, and run-ons, Lahiri is able to elucidate that relationships are fraught with difficulties, mostly stimulated by the lack of communication and failure of comprehension. Thus, understanding yourself, understanding love, and understanding relationships culturally do not always successfully lead to happiness as demonstrated in the short stories: ?Sexy,? ?Interpreter of Maladies? and ?This Blessed House.? However, deriving from the challenges these characters face, they realize that you can?t fix every problem, but fix you must. ...read more.

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