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Joining a gang - creative writing.

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Diary 2005/2006. Name: Cato Martinez. Age:18 August 18th 2006 I think I am going to join a gang. I could ask my self why' ahahah' that makes me only want it more. For starters life at home ain't shit, my old man left us a long time ago. The bastard ain't a men he got no balls. He left us, but who cares I don't need him anyway. In this world I can only count on my mom and my diary, they will never leave me. My mom she's my everything, she sick and we got no money. She got a job in a liquor store, sometimes she works the whole day and night. But we still got no money. I need to get money from somewhere, to get her medicine. I got a friend that is going to join this gang The MS 13 very soon. ...read more.


I asked him what had happened to her. He dazed at me searching for a way how to say it, I started to get upset. 'Comon gringo tell me' I told him. He said something like' She was working in the liquor store, when 4 guys with weapons came in and wanted money. She tried to push the alarm button but she was to late, they hit her and tied her up'..... He stopped, then he said; 'They took the money but they still didn't have enough, they raped her, and then they gave her the bullet'. Im telling you men I snapped, I wanted to hit the cop in my rage but they stopped me. Why am I writing this..She has left me, I will revenge her I swear, so its only you and me compadre... August 20th 2006 Today me and my vato Big, who also wants to join the MS 13 gang went to the one of the gangs hide-out. ...read more.


I asked him if he had done some dangerous stuff in his life. He told me he had robbed this sexy momma in a liquor store....he also raped her...and killed her. It was my momma, I knew this for sure. They KILLED HER, I gonna make COLD those IDIOTS. Don't worry compadre the killer is sleepin with the fishes tonight...if you know what Im sayin..AahAHAHAAA The gang taught me that they were honest only kill rich peeps. Damn..They taught me First GOD then the GANG and then ya MOMMA. NO! I will REVENGE HER and .. KILL.. them. Tomorrow is my last day I suppose....Who gives a shit as long as I revenge my mom soon we will be together..yes...I will take a couple of guns and rush to the fucked up try-out building.. yess... I gonna take as many bastards as I can. I am a complete screw up, I couldn't even take care of my own life. This at least is a good deed, my last one probably.... You were my only compadre through these rough times thank you....adios.... 810 ...read more.

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