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Kite Runner Relationships - Are Baba's and Amirs betrayals and similarities in their relationships of their servants similar or different? Do you think that's such betrayals are inevitable in the master/servant relationship,?

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Discuss the difference between Baba and Ali and between Amir and Hassan. Are Baba's and Amir's betrayals and similarities in their relationships of their servants similar or different? Do you think that's such betrayals are inevitable in the master/servant relationship, or do you feel that they are due to flaws in Baba's and Amir's characters, or are they the outcome of circumstances and characters? In the novel 'The Kite Runner', written by Khaled Hosseini, the relationships between Amir and Hassan, and Baba and Ali steers the direction the plot takes. Afghanistan is a nation where culture, tradition and family are of monumental importance, we see this in the novel. It is these societal ideologies that influence Baba and Amir to betray the people that mean most to them, Ali and Hassan. Readers may foreground this idea in the novel, but they also may notice that the way Baba and Amir are constructed, shapes their actions and are part of their decision to deceive their 'family'. Baba lies about fathering Hassan, and Amir refuses to admit he witnessed Hassan get abused. ...read more.


Despite this admirable thinking, he still allows himself to be restricted by the societal ideology of Pashtun and Hazara people, just like Amir. Baba's way of thinking is literally displayed in his house, the house of best intentions, because the class barrier between these two groups of people still exists. For example, Ali and Hassan live in a hut and sleep on a mattress on the floor whilst Baba and Hassan live in a plush home. We see that, it is actually society's pressure that caused Baba to lie. Thus, common ideologies in Afghanistan society contributed to Baba's and Amir's conscious decision to betray their family. However the readers also become alert of the flaws in these characters which in turn influenced their choice as well. Character construction and the relationship between father and son, Baba and Amir, allow the readers to see certain aspects that led to each betrayal. In the exposition, we acknowledge that Baba and Amir are completely opposite and different characters. Baba is portrayed to be a heroic, protective and a dominant character, compared to Amir. ...read more.


Instead he runs home, and decides to keep this a secret because, he knew if he spoke up Baba will discard the fact that he had just won the tournament and tend to Hassan. Like his father, Amir never tells Hassan of his selfish act. Therefore, the difficult relationship that Amir and Baba have ultimately leads to Amir's betrayal of Hassan. Both Amir and Baba committed sins against their family because of their own benefits. Readers are able to acknowledge that the societal ideologies and context of Afghanistan in that time period adds to these characters reasoning to betray themselves plus Hassan and Ali. We see that Amir was more influenced than his father; however the main reason behind his father's betrayal was due to what others would think, and in other words societal ideologies. Readers also foreground the idea that the father-son relationship between Baba and Amir is a huge element involved their decision, especially for Amir. Also, analysing character construction helps the readers understand more about each character and the way they think and why they perform certain actions. All in all, the interaction with all these aspects- ideologies, context, and characterization- becomes instrumental in Amir and Baba's decision to deceive their family. ...read more.

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