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Like all Greek tragedies De Aanslag begins with a prologue.

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Greek tragedy can still be reflected in many stories written today. The great Greek tragedians, like Sophocles, set certain characteristics which apply throughout all tragedies trying to replicate the classic format, like De Aanslag by Harry Mulisch. Certain characteristics must be present for literature to be called a classic tragedy. Normally, the position of the main character is essential. The hero is occasionally are royal or noble individual who is respected, has good intentions and has much too lose. In De Aanslag the ?hero?, Anton, is just a child and also only acts out of good intentions and has also much too lose. Later the Anton grows up studying medicine and becomes a anesthetist, which is regarded also as a high position. The second characteristic that is normally found is the tragic flaw the hero must have, the hamartia. The hero must make a ?tragic error? in spite of his will for good intentions. ...read more.


Mulisch uses Greek tragedy format for the same reasons, he wants people to become more aware of the wars around the world and effects it has on an individual like Anton. Like all Greek tragedies De Aanslag begins with a prologue. The prologue in Greek tragedy normally consisted of a monologue or dialogue by the ?chorus?. The prologue is normally beyond the world, which is depicted in the book and is also timeless. It starts with introducing the characters and the setting of the play. In Greek Tragedy the Prologue often offers lots initial information that is not offered slowly throughout the story like other formats of literature. The prologue also offered lots of insight into the characters. The prologue also offers knowledge into what will happen throughout the play. Something else that is often represented in the prologue is the setting. The prologue is used by authors to put emphasis on certain aspects of the upcoming story. ...read more.


During this war the United States showed its impatience and intolerance in Vietnam, which was regarded very bad throughout the whole world. It is now become clear that the world is always at war, and everyone is involved. In the final episode, the author decides to make Anton be part of a demonstration. Though the Cold War is 8 years from ending, the author decides to show that wars have always their lasting impact. In this case the result of the Cold War was the mass production of atomic weapons. It is typical for a Greek Tragedy to consist of 3-5 episodes. De Aanslag clearly follows this format. The book, in my opinion, is easier to follow like this. It has a clear chronological order, which makes easier to understand. One can argue that novel fails to meet the title of a Greek Tragedy because it misses out on some aspects. However, I think regardless whether the book follows the classic format it still achieves the same intentions of overall enlightenment of its audience and their awareness. ...read more.

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