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Like Water for chocolate Comparitve essay

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Spontaneity vs. Caution: Pedro's Persona Compared to John Brown's Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel is the story of a girl named Tita who throughout her life has to deal with chaos. Mama Elena prohibits her from marrying the man she loves, Pedro, and instead, her sister Rosaura marries him. However, Pedro's intent is to be close to Tita and they each spend a lifetime trying to get closer and find a way to marry. Later on, John Brown comes into her life and Tita believes she is falling in love with him. John proposes to her and at first Tita accepts but later changes her mind and ends up marrying Pedro. Esquivel uses Pedro's spontaneity to make the book more exciting and unpredictable while she uses John to add an element of stability to Tita's chaotic life. Pedro is a spontaneous character who is constantly changing his mind and jumping from mood to mood. While Tita was cleaning up in a room by the kitchen after John had proposed to her, Pedro came in, surprising Tita. ...read more.


When Tita was turning sixteen, Pedro showed up with his father to ask for Tita's hand in marriage. Mama Elena explained to don Pascual that it was impossible for Tita to marry Pedro "but if you really want Pedro to get married, allow me to suggest my daughter Rosaura, who's just two years older than Tita. She is one hundred percent available, and ready for marriage. . . ." (13). On that day, Pedro agreed to marry Rosaura in a marriage of no love for Rosaura but a great love for Tita. Esquivel intended to create the conflict of the book by using Pedro's spontaneity. His quick decision became one that was regrettable for both Tita and himself. Rosaura and Mama Elena became a barrier between them and they were not able to marry each other until both were dead. On the contrary, John is much more cautious with his actions and takes things much slower. He thinks his actions through thoroughly before making any decisions. When Tita told him she had relations with Pedro while he was gone and lost her virginity, he told her, "I would be delighted to be ...read more.


Under his patient, loving care, she eventually broke her silence as she realized she was free of her chaotic life and for once felt at ease. "She had to find someone who could kindle her desire. Could that someone be John? She was remembering the pleasant sensation that ran through her body when he took her hand in the laboratory. No. She wasn't sure" (118). John had the reliable care that Pedro was unable to give Tita and his stability was what allowed her to recover when she hit rock bottom. Esquivel uses Pedro's spontaneity to create the conflict and make the book more exciting and unpredictable while she uses John Brown's caution, patience, and care to heal Tita and stop the chaos in her life. Pedro was reckless and his unpredictable actions made the reader wonder what would happen next. He was basically the root of Tita's problems along with Mama Elena and was the driving force behind the book's conflict. John, on the other hand, brought stability to Tita's life. The stability he brought her allowed her to finally be with Pedro in the end, the man she truly loved. ...read more.

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