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Like water for chocolate. How a recipes like Gertrudis. Sugar represents the love that Gertrudis has in her.

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Gertrudis Chocolate fondue! * 1 kg of grated cocoa seeds * 5 table spoons of sugar * Rose extract * Grounded chili powder The ambiguity of chocolate is very similar to the complex character of Gertrudis. Gertrudis is the only daughter who is able to be emancipated from her tyrannical mother: she has the courage; she is pushed by some extraordinary power to leave and make her own life. Chocolate is known as a sweet treat nowadays, when in Mexico it was used as raw cacao beans and was very strong if not cooked and prepared carefully. The chocolate represents her very strong character as revolutionary leader; her leadership - her desire to be considered not less then a man on the battlefield, "how she had triumphed in life. She was a general in the revolutionary army."(163). She has the power to make decisions for her own troops, like no other woman in the family; she has broken the traditions - just as the chocolate can make a person change in a glimpse of a second due to its hardness and tenderness at the same time. ...read more.


The grounded chili powder is then, the obvious but very well hidden secret of her origins, a very sudden but intriguing hint of spiciness. Having "mulatto"(125) blood gives Gertrudis an enormous advantage on many levels. Not only has her sense of rhythm given it away, but her ability to command her troops with passion and care. Chocolate fondue is a mixture of texture and taste, very comforting at first and suddenly commanding, melted and hard. The sugary and spicy combination, create the ability to discover a rainbow of sensation and taste that is individual to all human being. The passion that is then added to the dish, though it can throw people off at first, procures a rush of adrenaline, then a more settle but very strong feeling of love and desire invades the body and the mind. Trevino Fruits to dip into the chocolate fondue � Passion fruit, to use as a sauce on top of the chocolate � Mango � Banana The passion fruit represents the contrast that exists within Trevino's love and passion for Gertrudis. ...read more.


The peppery taste of the mango then significantly underlines the difficulty Trevino encounters when Gertrudis is reunited with Juan: her true and only love. The only choice he has, after losing all hopes, is to reassign his feelings to protect and serve her on the battlefield. He then becomes on of her finest soldier and trusts him with her life. And the fact that she chooses him for the preparation of her favorite dish shows that she trusts him with her soul. But lost love always comes with a cascade of repress emotions that is very well materialized by the banana. Under a hard and protective skin, a very soft and tender core is found where all emotions are hidden away. Trevino is very "emotional"(176), and always takes Gertrudis reprimanding very personal, as a rejection- dismissal of his love for her. To compensate this rejection Trevino as no other tool then to loosen his sadness into drinking. The combination of those three fruits, very well determined the emotions that Trevino has for Gertrudis a mixture of sweet and sour feelings. ?? ?? ?? ?? Laure Pigeon World Literature: September 2008 Grade 11 Part 4: Like Water For Chocolate Laura Esquivel ...read more.

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