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Literary criticism of the Kite runner

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PLEASE VIEW THIS WITH AN OPEN AND RECEPTIVE MIND EVENTOUGH YOU MIGHT BE ARDENT ADMIRERS OF KHALED HOSSEINI. ________________ A LITERARY CRITICISM OF THE KITE RUNNER English AHL Assignment 1 BAPU C KOTAPATI IBDP 11 After reading Khaled Hosseini?s, Kite runner it struck me that though it is a story like no other ,it might contain a few flaws in comparison to the other great works of literature . Despite all the platitudes for this novel, I felt that it fell short of the term masterpiece for a couple of reasons. The primary criticism of this book would stem from the ?wooden? nature of the antagonist, Assef. He is a very shallow character and is devoid of any depth. ...read more.


I also feel that the author does not trust the reader to pick up subtleties and disrespects the readers’ intelligence to read between the lines as Hosseini makes a point of pounding the symbols and foreshadowing into the ground by telling you, over and over, anything you might have missed. In the process, he uses clichéd symbolism such as vivid and graphic description of the killings of the adulterers in the football stadium in Kabul and the shallow characterization of Hassan which evokes greater emotion in readers during the rape incident. It is almost as if the writer is forcing the readers to feel all the right emotions by depicting action that is quite violent and upsetting. This I believe is an attempt at manipulating the reader into feeling strong emotions. ...read more.


Thus I believe that incorporating multiple points of view would have added an extra dimension to the plot and added greater depth while also covering .the aforementioned plot holes. I feel that the Kite runner cannot be mentioned in the same breath as literary masterpieces with a great deal of tragedy such as Charles Dickens?s David Copperfield or Emily Bronte?s Wuthering Heights as it falls a wee bit short in terms of characterization and plot construction. Nonetheless, this is my interpretation of the book and is open to opinion. The Kite runner is still one of the most emotionally moving books that I have read and is also very thought provoking .It also provided an interesting insight into Afghan culture and as an IB student, helped me view Afghanistan with a fresh perspective. The Kite runner is an astounding story of one man?s quest for redemption. ...read more.

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