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Lorca uses Leonardos indifferent behavior as a husband to highlight the limitations of society in Blood Wedding.

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Leonardo?s indifferent behavior as a husband to highlight the limitations of society in Lorca?s play ?Blood Wedding?. In order to portray the indifferent attitude of Leonardo as a husband, realistically, Lorca gives us an insight into the Andalusian society that has a rigid and stern mindset on the social and cultural issues. Leonardo is shown as a man withering in the fabric of this society, and it is not strange that this society keeps the knot of every character very tightly. Stuck up in the gossamer of the orthodox and intolerant society, he becomes indifferent to all around him. Lorca develops Leonardo?s indifferent behavior at large by using the character names, settings and symbols. In order to distinguish the character of Leonardo, and to elucidate the reasons that are responsible for his immoral and unethical action, Lorca begins the story by giving a name to his character. The characters are named simply the mother, the father, the bridegroom, the wife etc. Lorca deprives them of any individualistic roles in the society. Through this unique literary style, he wants to portray the conviction of this society wherein generic names are not important; what is more important is the mold in which the Andalusian characters are cast. ...read more.


Two oxen and a tumbledown hut are almost nothing. That's what hurts. ?All these things have robbed the couple of their intrinsic happiness. And the result: Leonardo has to marry a woman he does not love. He marries but is not able to do justice to her as in the embers of his heart lives only one woman-the bride-and he cannot forget and forsake her. He cannot harbor any emotions or love for the Wife. For Leonardo his life is for life?s sake only. He is shown as a man who has lost the battle on every front, and loiters like a ghost around the Bride?s place. The character of Leonardo?s may appear antagonistic in the eyes of the audience. His wife is the most brutal victim of his indifference. She knows that she is a jilted woman who has no support in this male dominated world. Even in ?Yerma? Lorca portrays a society in which women are subjugated and subordinated by men. Yerma is a woman who is considered fir enough to engender and bring up her children without having any right to speak to her husband Juan. The Wife says to Leonardo ?One thing I do know. I'm already cast off by you. ...read more.


As a tragic hero he has to succumb to his tragic flaw of passion, and he is resolved to die with the hand of his beloved in his. Even at the altar of death he wants to be ?Anywhere where the men encircling them can?t go. Where he can gaze at her!? Leonardo pays for his indifference to the dictates of the society by his death but the root cause of this conflict, the Bride, has more torment in store for her as she survives. The Bride has to bear the incidence of Leonardo?s indifferent attitude as a husband. As per the social norms she has to mourn the loss of her husband in sheer isolation without any prospect of a shimmer of joy in her later years. Her love for Leonardo has brought the label of a whore on her head although she is as ?chaste and pure as a new-born babe.? Leonardo?s indifference casts a spell on her too, and she blurts, "they can bury me without a single man ever having seen himself in the whiteness of my breasts." This is the price which one has to pay for living in an indifferent society as shown by Lorca. ...read more.

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