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lord of flies essay

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The "Beastie" -How the boys in Lord of the Flies came to believe in a beast- Alina Chen M4H Ms.MacNeil October 12th/ 2010 Halifax Grammar School A plane containing a group of young British schoolboys crashes onto a deserted island. At first, all is well and peaceful, but then the boys start believing in a beastie. They have nightmares and they see beasties in the dark. During the course of this essay, I will take you through the process of understanding how the fear in mankind's heart can lead you to believe in a terrifying, yet imaginary, beastie. The littluns that survived the crash begin to have nightmares. They dream of big, scary beasties in their sleep. Since there are no adult figures on the island, there is no one to reassure them that there is no beastie. No one's there to tell them that the monster under their bed was just their pet cat, or that the monster from the closet was just a bunch of dirty clothes sagging on their chair. ...read more.


This is all forgotten when Ralph suggests making a fire. They rush up and create an outrageously big fire that starts burning down the forest. In all the chaos of people gathering wood and lighting the fire, the boy with the mulberry-coloured mark is lost and never seen again. The littluns believe he got eaten by the beast, but a few older boys know that he had died in the fire. As the fire rages on, it explodes a tree and tall swathes of creepers fly into view The littluns think they're snakes and call out: "Snakes! Snakes! Look at the snakes!" (48) This event characterizes their growing fear. Secondly, as the chapters progress, the fear of beasts continues to grow. Ralph notices: "They talk and scream. The littluns. Even some of the others. As if it wasn't a good island." Jack replies that when he is hunting in the forest alone, he can feel a presence- as if he's being hunted. ...read more.


They rush back to camp and Ralph claims that the beast had teeth and big black eyes. "I don't think we'd ever fight a thing that size, honestly, you know. We'd talk but we wouldn't fight a tiger. We'd hide. Even Jack'ud hide." (140) says Ralph. "Hunting," adds Jack, "Yes. The beast is a hunter. The next thing is that we couldn't kill it." (141) All this leads up to the belief of beasts. It is proven later on when Jack is broken up with Ralph and is hunting with his "tribe". They brutally kill a sow he suggests leaving some kill for the beast, so it might not bother them. They cut off its head and stick it in the ground on a stick sharpened at both ends. Jack concludes that the head is for the beast as a gift. The head remained there but all at once, the boys started running away, as fast as possible, out of the forest and back to the open beach. Mankind's brain can create many wonders, such as making you believe in an imaginary beast. ...read more.

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