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"Love in the times of Cholera". Through out the novel the symptoms of unrequited love and cholera are stated and they seem to have a inevitable resemblance.

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Love In The Time Of Cholera-Angel Madero 1. Through out the novel the symptoms of unrequited love and cholera are stated and they seem to have a inevitable resemblance.In the book first pages a phrase that relates Cholera with love directly shows the reader how both of them have the same lasting effect on people "reminded him of the fate of unrequited love"this fate is death. The most literal comparison between both symptoms is made when Florentino due to love decides to drink his perfume and because of this he suffers from vomits and a severe illness. In this situation there is a clear relationship between symptoms of cholera and love because love causes a physical symptom equal to cholera. Cholera is also a disease that starts with a single flue and then starts to develop stronger until it makes the person suffer and die, this particularity is also present in love due to the fact that love starts as a simple feeling that is attraction then it develops into a stronger love that if not responded will make the person suffer like they suffer in the book. ...read more.


as Florentino does when helping a young boy and girl to fall in love and get married, this connection also states a direct relationship between cholera and love. Florentino's father was diagnosed of cholera and locked himself in a room in which he wrote a letter to his family signed with his last breath, this tragic finale suffered by his father helps the reader to theorize on Florentino's life conclusion. So because of all strong similarities such as physical or situational Florentino and the reader start to have a clear idea of what is expected to happen to Florentino's life. 3. The loveless marriage between Fermina Daza and Dr. Juvenal Urbino was a very criticized event by society. This particular marriage was a victim of many dilemmas. The first one was that many people said that Fermina married Urbino only because of the money and not out of love . The affair between Urbino and Barbara Lynch was a very dramatic situation in Urbinos marriage "the ghost of Miss Barbara Lynch had entered his house at last", Also it is very important to know that the marriage occurred because ...read more.


idea of him lying to Florentina is unthinkable "she would not have believed it in any event" so then why does he tells Fermina he remained virgin if he had slept with more than 600 women? A possible answer is that the conception that Florentino has about virginity is that; it is making love with the person someone truly loves, a definition that goes beyond physical conceptions. So in this phrase the idea he wants to express clearly is that he hasn't loved any woman since they met. This gives the reader the idea of love as a incurable feeling that may persist and grown until death (a clear representation of cholera). Is the end immoral? From a personal point of view I consider it immoral, because love is a feeling that doesn't depends on the age, and in this case there is nothing more moral that two persons who truly love each other making love, so maybe the ages of both characters are considered inadequate for this particular situation, but the context and the ideas behind the actions taken by both characters give this ending a moral standard. ...read more.

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