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(Love song, with two goldfish) is a poem written by Grace Chua, it is about the relationship of two goldfishes.

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked Love Runs Deep ?(Love song, with two goldfish)? is a poem written by Grace Chua, it is about the relationship of two goldfishes. The relationship between the two focuses on the foibles of human love, using two goldfish who are in love yet trapped in a bowl as analogs of the ups and downs of human love in a light hearted and funny way. Chua?s utilization of deep diction and subliminal puns throughout the poem highlight the failure of their love while still mirroring real human love in a humorous take. In the first stanza the male goldfish is described as a ?drifter, always/floating around her? (1, 2) indicating he is attracted to her and giving him a shallow demeanor. ...read more.


showing her acceptance of his desires to ?give? (6) and so she ?makes?(8). Ironically, their submission to each other is their separation. Chau shows the male fish is ?bowled over? (12) and tries to reach to her maturity in the second stanza- ?submarine? (15); ?deepest? (16); and ?dive?(16)- his love for her runs deep yet he is unable to complete her wishes regardless of his efforts. He believes the ?ocean?(13) will give them a place to ?count the waves? (14) and ?share/ their deepest secrets? (15, 16) which still does not appeal to the life she desires because it just no different from home. Chau inserts similes like ?diver for pearls/like stars? (16, 17) to represent his inability to provide the life she wants, he gives her pearls because he cannot give her stars, his lover wishes for more than what they have, she's haddock enough of the bowl. ...read more.


The last lines, ?a life/beyond the/ (bowl)? (26-29) emphasize the contrast of the lovers? lifestyle and aspiration: she wanted to live a better life and grow with him but he could not give her what she desired because he only had love to give. The first stanza he said he had ?nowhere else to go? (3) and now he has nothing else to give. The poem ?(love song, with two goldfish)? represents an extended metaphor depicting a tragic love story of a female goldfish who yearned to live her dreams outside the bowl and a male fish who didn't understand how to cater her dreams. Grace Chua tells the story through metaphors and puns to add depth to the story yet convey it in a lighthearted and silly twist on the failures of human love. ...read more.

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