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Madame Bovary essay - signifiance of Leon

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Word count: 840 ________________ Leon as a character shows us that love can be rejuvenated even after separation. We learn on this on line 217 when Leon returns from Paris. Before Leon left for Paris, him and Emma were in love with each other. After he leaves she finds another man who leaves her before Leon comes back. When Leon comes back him and Emma reunite. This shows that Love can be rejuvenated even after separation. Leon finds it hard to confess his love for Emma. Leon loved Emma very much but in the begging failed to confess this love to her. On page 93, the writer says: ?He was in agony thinking out ways to declare his feelings? we learn that Leon had written several Love letters for Emma but rips them before giving them to her. ...read more.


Because of this, Emma travels every week to see him. By doing this Emma has to lie to her husband that she is going for piano lesson. You can see that this was a problem when the writer says: ? her memory of Leon formed the core of the ennui? (p. 115) This also becomes a case when Emma doesn?t know her piano teacher?s name after Charles asks her. Emma can?t help falling in love with Leon. When Leon returns to Rouen from Paris, Emma is depressed because Rodolphe has left her. Seeing Leon doesn?t help her situation so she prepares a letter saying she will not be getting in an affair with him. Before they meet Emma?s is ready to give Leon this letter however after their meet the letter is seen being ripped up and thrown away. ...read more.


Leon living in a different town from Emma caused her to travel every week to visit him. She ended up spending so much time with Leon and it caused her to drift away from her child. This is unusual because mothers are usually very close to their children especially when they are young. Leon was the last man that man Emma loved before she committed suicide. Leon was the last man that Emma had an affair with before she poisoned herself. This implies to us that Emma was tired of her life and if she could not be with Leon then she didn?t want to be with anyone. In conclusion, Leon played a very significant role in the play and this was the role of Emma?s lover. Leon had a very noticeable impact on Emma who played a more major character in the play. Most of Emma?s actions in the play can be explained by Leon?s overall impact on her personality. ...read more.

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