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Madame Bovary Personal Response. It is very interesting from a literary perspective, as it is very realistic in nature, but is filled with people with romantic delusions. The main character for which this applies is Madame Bovary,

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MADAME BOVARY PART 1: PERSONAL RESPONSE Madame Bovary, by Gustave Flaubert, is a French novel set in a post-revolution France. It is very interesting from a literary perspective, as it is very realistic in nature, but is filled with people with romantic delusions. The main character for which this applies is Madame Bovary, who serves as the heroine of this novel. One of the interesting things about Emma Bovary is that she is actually set up to be a disliked character, particularly to a modern audience. Although she develops into a rather unpleasant character, I did not feel negatively towards her in the earlier parts of the novel. This is likely due to the fact that Flaubert does not imbue her with her negative traits until later on, and all that is exposed is her light, romantic side. ...read more.


Her romantic delusions are exposed by the description of her convent education: she is described as loving all the romantic elements of religion: the praying for forgiveness, the epic stories, the art, and the lyrics to the hymns. She is not, however, actually religious in any real way. It was here that she was exposed to the romantic novels that were popular during the time the novel is set. This gave Emma unrealistic expectations as to what love is, and to how men are supposed to act. It is after this section that her disappointment with the married life begins, as she yearns for the frivolities illustrated in her many romantic readings, and finds none of them in Charles. ...read more.


Here, she is exposed to the Aristocratic lifestyle she dreams of. It is here where she really starts to feel contempt towards Charles, which proportionally increases my contempt for her. She begins to set ridiculous standards for living and for people, especially in terms of material wealth and property. She then proceeds to dance sensually with the Viscount, with total disregard for Charles and their marriage. After this point she starts causing trouble with her ridiculous fantasies. When she returns home, she gets in a fit of anger towards the maid, and fires her for not having dinner ready. She then hires a new maid, and places many high class expectations on her. After a while, she gets more and more difficult to deal with, as she becomes more reclusive and unpleasant. All of these developments increased my contempt for Emma, to the point where she almost seems villainous. ...read more.

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