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Make a case for whether maternity or paternity is more important in The House of the Spirits.

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Make a case for whether maternity or paternity is more important in The House of the Spirits. The House of Spirits written by Isabelle Isabel Allende, portrays the life of the Trueba family, through four generations. The story is told from the protagonists perspectives of Esteban and Alba. Throughout her novel, Isabel Allende shows the presence of maternity and paternity. By definition, maternity is the quality of having or showing the tenderness and warmth and affection of or befitting a mother. Paternity is the kinship relation between an offspring and the father. Though, both paternity and maternity was portrayed throughout the novel, maternity was seen as more significant than paternity. The maternal role is more heavily emphasized through the roles of Blanca, Clara and Nicolas' girlfriend Amanda. In the novel Isabel Allende writes," Their duty is motherhood and home" (Isabel Allende 67). The only responsibilities of the women are to nurture the children and take care of the house. ...read more.


Nicolas and Jaime appear to be much more independent. Esteban is not the character that heavily emphasizes his role as a father. He heavily emphasizes his role as a dictator, being the only person in charge, not just of Tres Maria's but of everything. Therefore the father-son aspect of the novel is not depicted as being more important than mothers and daughters. The mother & daughter relationship is again emphasized through Blanca and Alba's relationship. Although Blanca is now interested more in her renewed relationship with Pedro Tercero, she does not manage to forget her role as a mother. When Blanca and Alba educate children, Blanca gave classes to teaching these children on Thursday afternoons. Alba participated in teaching these children as well. Similar to Clara and Blanca's relationship, Alba and Blanca have that much needed quality time for mothers and daughters. The quote states "They were delivered by a truck and escorted to two nuns in starched white coifs, who sat in the garden drinking hot chocolate with Clara and discuss the virtues of cross stitching ...read more.


Blanca awoke Clara and became the marvelous creation that her mother could not bear to part with. Esteban, on the other hand, was repelled by Blanca's appearance when Dr. Cuevas delivered her. Allende writes, "Esteban jumped when he saw her, convinced that destiny was playing a cruel joke on him and that instead of the legitimate Trueba he had promised his mother on her deathbed, he had sired a monster, and a female one to boot" (Allende 101). Through this quote, Allende reveals how Esteban was turned off by his daughter and how he became disgusted with her as soon as she came into this world. Clara displayed loved and affection while Esteban showed his displeasure for his own flesh and blood. Through the different relationships shown in The House of Spirits, such as Clara and Blanca, Esteban and Clara, and Alba and Blanca, it can said that maternity is more important than paternity. Because of Esteban's selfish personality, his relationships with others have many obstacles to whereas Clara is described as very caring and takes every relationship as if it's a fragile glass and handles it with care. ...read more.

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