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Mark Twain recognizes the stentorian call for the encouragement of individualism. In a speech to class-advancing young people, Advice to Youth, Twains use of satire rejects societys mainstream teachings, encouraging the development of unique i

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Christina Hernandez Ms. Turner 3A Ap Lang/ Comp 21 January 2010 Laughable Advice The transition from youth to adulthood seems to scare many who have already experienced the adjustment. Adults are frightened that young people are insensitive to the social and moral balance of their generation. Some adults try conforming individuals into what they consider socially acceptable by society. Grownups seem to neglect the crucial detail that society will inevitably change. Adults currently practice what was practical in their generation; however, the same rationalities and precautions do not necessarily pertain to the impending adults. Mark Twain recognizes the stentorian call for the encouragement of individualism. In a speech to class-advancing young people, "Advice to Youth", Twain's use of satire rejects society's mainstream teachings, encouraging the development of unique individual character. ...read more.


Was he interjecting himself with the seemingly less-knowledgeable portion of society facetiously? Twain breaks the accustomed hierarchy of society by considering the young people as his "friends," thus leaving readers curious to other twists in his seemingly traditional and serious speech. Twain pokes fun at the traditional view that going to be early and getting up early "is wise." Though at first he seems to be agreeing with the traditional adult opinion, it is clear he is not when satirizing older people who physically cannot seem to stay asleep later than "half past nine." Twain chooses to associate waking up early with the nuisance of a "lark." Using the name "lark" connotes feelings of annoyance and a bothersome inconvenience creating humor towards the ridiculous recommendation of early evenings and mornings. Young people have the ability to sleep later than sun rise, and Twain frowns upon those who attempt to steal that wonderful pleasure away merely because one is envious. ...read more.


Twain creates this image to stress that youth are still "learning how" to handle the opportunities they have to lie. Twain supports his opinion by encouraging the "practice of this gracious and beautiful art early." Adults may misinterpret the advice intending is to be careful about lying by the sarcastic recommendation towards the matter. Twain recognizes society's habit to conform youth in attempt to alter their evolving path. In "Advice to Youth," Twain not only advises youth to look at methods and values in a different manner and but also provides adults with an important underlying message. The author manipulates satire to uniquely explain his thoughts and opinions concerning youth and society. Some may have found his messages obscure and take offense; however, others found the piece entertaining and informative. Individual character is important to society and any obstruction to this should be removed. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hernandez 1 ...read more.

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