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Merchant of Venice creative writing - Int- We are here today to sort out the problems between Jessica and her father Int- And also to advise Portia whether to obey her fathers wishes or not. Int- Please everybody, give a warm welcome to Jessica

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Cast: Interviewers: Oli Mariot Jake Wright Shylock: Ant Dart Jessica: Adam Mac Portia: Ollie Scott Ghost of Portia's Father/ Lorenzo: Matt Bassi Interviewers walk on, and explain what is happening... Int- Hi there everyone Waves Int- We are here today to sort out the problems between Jessica and her father Int- ...And also to advise Portia whether to obey her father's wishes or not. Int- Please everybody, give a warm welcome to... Jessica! Jessica enters the stage, waves and sits down on a chair Int- So then Jessica, please explain to our audience your problems J- My father makes my life miserable. Our house was hell, and I was fed up of living as a Jewish girl, in a restricted environment. I love a man called Lorenzo, but he is a Christian. My father hates Christians, as one man had mistreated him in the past, but he has no real reason to hate them in general! Int- And is it true that you ran away from your home to marry this, Lorenzo? J- Indeed it is. My father didn't trust me as he kept me in our house with the doors locked. ...read more.


Int- Well, I'm sorry (sarcastically) Int- When did you notice that Jessica had gone? Shy- Later that night, I came home early, and I checked on my money. 3/4s of it had gone! My initial thought was that we had been robbed, so I went to Jessica's room, and that's when I noticed she was gone. Int to Jessica- He cannot be angry at you because of this, for you are his daughter and do you not need this money for living purposes? J- Yes, we needed it to get by for the meantime. My father is rich and he lives a fine life. Int to Shylock- So why are you complaining? As said, she is your daughter and she needs this money! Shy- That is not the point! She could have come to me and asked for my permission! J- What? How could I have?! You would have refused instantly! Your money is your life! Shy- Grunts Int to Shylock- Why don't you let her do what she wants? Surely she has the right to decide her own destiny Shy- I'm just disappointed, Judaism is special. ...read more.


P- I will obey his commands, I have great trust in my father/(Laughs) I want to choose my own husband, I am not actually going to let him rule my life! Int- Thankyou Portia, see you soon P- Goodbye (cheermate) Portia exits Int- What an exiting day we've had! Int- Agreed Int- Welcome back, Jessica! Lorenzo! And the Jewish Shylock (sighs) Int- So have you sorted out your problems? J- I have decided to stay exactly how I am. I am perfectly happy being with my love, Lorenzo, and am enjoying the Christian religion. Shy- Beastly girl! I hope you will be happy living a false life! (sarcastically) Int- False you say? Shy- Yes, a false religion, with a false man L- Hang on, that's out of order Shy- Oh yes? (Shylock stands up) Int- Sit down Shylock, it's us who ask questions in here, not you! Int to Lorenzo- Any QUESTIONS Lorenzo? L- Yes, firstly, why is he allowed in here? Secondly, why is he allowed in here, and thirdly, WHY IS HE ALLOWED IN HERE?! Int- I agree with Lorenzo Int- Same Shylock stands up Shy- I'm not having any more of this! Shylock storms out Crowd cheers Int- Well, that's it for today folks! Int- That was fun wasn't it (name)? Int- Agreed! Crowd clap ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our International Baccalaureate World Literature section.

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