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Merchant of Venice Summary

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Merchant of Venice In the beginning of the novel of Merchant of Venice, the story starts out with the main character Antonio, who is a merchant. He feels very sad but does not know why. He complains to his friends Solanio and Solario about his depression, but does not know how to explain it. Solanio and Salerio try to cheer him up, but it was no use. Antonio's friend, Bassanio, tells Antonio that he needed money so that he can seek the wealthy Portia's hand in marriage. Antonio then, offers Bassanio 3,000 ducats to help him out. Currently, Portia is at Belmont, and tells her servant Nerissa that she fears a suitor she dislikes will pursue her hand in marriage. Because of her father's will, the suitor must go through a test, which is to choose the correct chest of three chests (gold, silver, and lead), and then, if correct, he may marry Portia. She doesn't like any of the six suitors that she has been offered, but wishes that Bassanio would come and choose the correct chest. ...read more.


Jessica makes her way through, and after Lorenzo and Jessica got together, they all head to meet Bassanio on Antonio's ship to sail to Portias house. Salerio was sure that Lorenzo and Jessica were not on the ship and thinks that they were missing. Shylock then demands his money and his daughter back. Then back at Portia's house, the Prince of Aragon arrives takes the casket test and hopefully chooses the right one so he can marry Portia, but fails. He also has sworn not to ask any woman to marry him again in the future. There was news that Antonio's ship has sunk. Shylock was happy to hear this news but was also mad at the same time because his daughter Jessica had ditched him. But feels better thinking that Antonio is sure to lose and will pay him a pound of flesh. At Portia's house, Portia begs Bassanio to wait in choosing so that she may spend time with him, hoping Bassanio will get to know her better to increase the chances of picking the right casket. ...read more.


Shylock knew that this was impossible, hesitates and simply takes the 9,000 ducats that he was offered. Portia then announces that Shylock is guilty of a crime, attempting to kill another citizen, which was Antonio. For the punishment, the Duke and Antonio decide that Shylock must give half of his belongings to the court, keep the other half for himself, and to convert into a Christian. Shylock agrees, knowing that he has no other choice. As Portia being still disguised leaves, Bassanio offers her a gift. But Portia refuses to take it and instead request Bassanio's gloves and wedding ring instead. Bassanio, hesitates on the ring, but gives it anyway after all the problems Antonio had been in. Nerissa, disguised, also tries to make Gratiano to give her his wedding ring. Back at the house, Lorenzo and Jessica enjoyed being together. The next morning, Bassanio and Portia, and Gratiano and Nerissa got together again. They were arguing over the loss of rings, the women then confesses their tricks and return the rings to their husbands. At the end, there was good news that Antonios ships had successfully made it to port with the goods. ...read more.

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