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Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is a novel that very effectively brings out the economic as well as social aspects of being part of a middle class Jewish speaking German family.

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Metamorphosis ? Franz Kafka Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is a novel that very effectively brings out the economic as well as social aspects of being part of a middle class Jewish speaking German family. The protagonist Gregor is subject to exploitation by his overtly lazy father, ailing mother and sister full of ?Childhood flightiness? even before turning into a ?monstrous vermin? and post his transformation. He being the sole bread earner in the family, has all the responsibilities thus leaving him no time to himself causing him to ?lock his door from inside? in order to get some privacy. This shows that due to the poor relationship between his family and him, how he chose to remain further isolated. It also shows how being locked up in his room creates a barrier not only between him and his family, but also the outside world. His metamorphosis not only changes him physically, but brings about a significant change in him mentally. Gregor is fully taken advantage of by his family members, especially his father. For instance, Gregor?s father used to ?read the newspaper out loud? and ?hiss at him? and give him a ?shove? which certainly suggests that he is not as weak as he portrays and can definitely work, but chooses to leave it all up to poor Gregor. ...read more.


Before his transformation also, there used to be hardly any conversation besides that of money, so now the only difference is that Gregor is seeing it with open eyes. Grete decided to be in charge of Gregor, and hence decided to remove ?all of the furniture with the exception of the indispensable couch?. They dint remove the ?indispensable couch? because they still found Gregor?s appearance to be ?repulsive? and preferred not having any contact with him. She did this only because she enjoyed the importance she got, and it was just out of ?childish flightiness?. They removed ?everything that he loved? thus trying to further break his human bond. His mother, the woman who kept him in her stomach for nine months, the one for whom he worked day in and day out so that she wouldn?t have to do household chores, she shrieked at the sight of Gregor and found him repulsive. the mother is also the one who asks for the door to be shut and secludes Gregor even more. What makes it ironic is that a complete stranger, the new maid, is the only person who directly strikes conversation with Gregor and is not repulsed by Gregor. ...read more.


Instead of easing Gregor?s pain, his father pelts him with apple and does not even think of opening ?the other wing of the door in order to give Gregor enough room to pass through?. All the members of the family are too self-centered to ever worry about one another. What is very surprising in the book is that, the family can answer every whim and fancy of the three boarders, in fact the family now ?ate in the kitchen? and Grete and Mrs.Samsa cooked for the boarders. If they could do so much for the boarders who are outsiders, why not for their own son and brother who was in desperate need of help? Even after his death, they don?t feel any great sense of loss instead Mr.Samsa says, ?Now we can thank god? showing how Gregor was never really treated as a family member and was isolated throughout his lifespan. The family never really functioned as a normal family, but the death of Gregor is what brings dysfunctional family together as ? all three of them left the apartment together, something they had not done in months?. Thus, Gregor was not only alienated and isolated from his family, but also from the outside world. The book tracks the journey of him initially not having any self-knowledge to him finally letting his unconscious mind out. ...read more.

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