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Metamorphosis - Franz Kafka

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Explore the presentation of betrayal and deceit in 'The Metamorphosis 17th November '09 Dear Grete, There has been an enormous change in everyone's lives recently all in the result of a simple yet rare metamorphosis that has transformed me into the 'bug' I am today. I write to you, dear sister, to convey the mixed emotions and the stream of thought that have built up in my head since chaos struck our world. Before I begin, I would like to sincerely apologize for failing to carry out the task I have promised you. I feel as though I have deceived you for life - the fact that I did not get you through the conservatory saddens my heart. ...read more.


I feel a traitor who betrayed the promises made to his own family. On the other hand, I must say it is ironic that I have personally been let down as well. It all began with the chief clerk highly disregarding my first absence from work in the 5 years I have been employed under him. It was very mean and unfair on his part to set me a critical and demoralizing speech, also suggesting that I may be collecting payments from receipts entrusted to me. I felt deceived after the boss' accusations making me feel worse after losing my job. I felt deeply hurt and betrayed when you and mother decided to move the furniture out of my room. ...read more.


I have never felt so isolated - I feel as though I am of no use since I do not earn for the family anymore. At this climax of how I have been neglected by my own parents and you, Grete, I have no reason to think otherwise than taking my life. I sought some emotional support from you after the alteration but "how can one stand this constant torment at home as well" Your betrayal reached a new height which deeply scarred me when I overheard you, Grete, saying that I should die. Death is the likely option for there is nothing more I would live for: I will die knowing that I have always done my best for you and the family. Gregor Samsa ...read more.

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