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Monologue by Creon

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Greetings, my friends. My name is Creon and I'm the king of Thebes . My feet are on the ground and my hands in my pockets .I'm a peace of earth, just like everyone else. I came from the soil and there shall I rot after my death. I'm Creon , just Creon , nothing more , nothing less . Yes, I'm a strong leader, conformist, a respecter of law , not a tyrant . I am ambitious, not over ambitious. I don't desire more wealth than I need. I had all the wealth I wanted, my art and my family. I've lost both.Hah, I'm the king, but I'm poor. I'm a labourer, a servant of the people whose only aim is to see that the world remains a rational, a sensible place. Oh god, lift me as a wave, a cloud to fly with thee, a leaf . I fall on the thorns of life. I bleed. My fellow countrymen, lend me thy ears. I stand here before you, not to praise myself for my actions, but only to defend myself. ...read more.


If someone refuses to obey just because of their petty concerns , shoot him dead , without a second thought .Yes , that's what you ought to do .Our sinking ship has reached the harbor at last . Thebes is safe.Atleast for now . Now, you might ask, couldn't I have afforded Polynices a decent funeral? Am I so heartless so as to place my matriarchal values over all values of universal humanity .No, I am not as cynical as you all think I am.Polynices deserved what he got. He was a lousy drunkard and gambler. He went to the extent of siding with Argives to kill his father Oedipus and come to power. And, Eteocles, the so called virtuous brother .Every bit of him was as treacherous and eager to kill his father as Polynices. It was just due to political reasons that I had to declare him a hero and give him an elaborate funeral. I hope that none of these brothers get peace. Their spirits deserve to wander around the world doing penance for their sins. ...read more.


Perfect tragic heroine, that's what Antigone was. She didn't lie about burying Polynices , she did not try to escape. She was not afraid of death .She knew her part was to die and she played it well. Yes, brave and courageous she was rebel, willful, spirit fierce. But what did she die for? A brother who didn't care about her? A basic reality of life that she couldn't accept? I regret what happened. Best never to grow up, I say. I lost my only son and my wife to her immaturity. My only son, not only did I lose him, I also lost his love and respect .I don't even now if Antigone actually loved him. Its true what they say. Love, it's a waster of rich men. Mortal men tremble before its glory. Even pure immortals cannot escape it. My poor wife, I found her dead on our marriage bed. I'm isolated , deserted , I have no one to care for me while I have my countrymen to care for . That's why I'm alive and that's why, I try to stay alive. Ah, 5 o clock? What do we have here? A Meeting at the capitol? I better get going. (exit) ...read more.

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