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Morrison - Art Critical Analysis

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Title: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Date: December 22, 2008 Artist: Kerry Morrison By Karry Calderon Medium: Fibreglass cow, steel, polycarbonate, Vinyl lettering, fibreglass, litter Year: 2004 Size: 3m x 2m x 1m Source: http://www.morrison-prowse.com/kerry/rrr/ Working with nine students to raise awareness of litter pollution and recycling, the students collected litter within their school grounds, Newhall Green High School, 1 hour a day, for 8 days. The collected litter was placed in the Polycarbonate box, forming strata layers relating to time to decay, 80-100 years, up to 500 years, indefinite period. ...read more.


The artist uses color to create emphasis on the cans by contrasting the brightness of those colors to the simple shades of the black and white cow. In this piece this emphasis pulls the viewer in to the box of can thus illustrating the focal point of the piece. The letter on the box creates movement by directing the viewer's eye left to right. Space is created by the overlapping of cans inside the box and the cow standing on top of the box. ...read more.


Morrison made the layers and the witting on the box to illustrate the strata layer in natural decomposition. Cans on the other hand aren't natural products of the earth, they are man- made, interfere with natural decomposition and end up in the beaches which is potentially harmful to sea life. Morrison introduces the viewers to her concept that picking up litter and recycling can make a "cowlossal" difference and trying to inspire them to recycle. This piece is extremely successful because Morrison is straightforward and through the writing on the box the viewer can easily understand her message of stopping and preventing litter pollution. ...read more.

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