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Mr Aesop Written Task - (Idea for poem adapted from Duffys original poem Mrs Aesop from The Worlds Wife

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Mr Aesop (Idea for poem adapted from Duffy?s original poem ?Mrs Aesop? from The World?s Wife) 1 For goodness sakes, she was unbearable. Such a dimwit, and proud of it. She, didn?t care one bit for my stories of virtue; virtuous stories full with meaning, of value and hard labour. She just dismissed it; called it ?tedious,? not within her league of knowledge. My goodness, I tried my best to make a good home for her. Made the effort Of entertaining her; with evening walks ? with stories ? full of value Oh no, she wouldn?t take it. Hated going out. Didn?t care for me one bit. She called me an impressor; one full of air, but nothing substantial underneath. She had no time for my exploration of the world ? the beauteous world. I tried to explain to her; so she might gain some bit; a bit of knowledge. No, she wouldn?t. She thought me crazy for trying to teach her the birds and the bees. And no, she found that diabolical. She hated my stories; my stories of good value and deeds; labeled them stupid and a waste of her time. I want to say - who, exactly, is the stupid; her or the story? ...read more.


Oh, you should have seen her reaction. She would go on rants after my interesting stories with morals. Called them verbose, a pile of trash, and a sow?s ear. Well, she got that one wrong - everyone knows that you can pull a diamond from such a ear. Except for the likes of her. Morals she would not care for, lessons she would not want to learn. She wanted her own time to learn; does she not know a man is needed to learn from? Don't say that I didn't try. ?Action, Mrs A, speaks louder than words 1,? I intoned. Speaks her, ?And one sily word from you, Mr A, speaks quieter as a mouse.? Sily? Who was sily. She had no logic, no wit, no nothing. Nothing, at all. To her, looking at thinking and logic is like washing a teacup. Tedious. ?Mr Aesop,? you may ask. Shouldn't you be grateful to her for managing your house? For managing your coin? Your house? Your life? So you say. You?ve never had to deal with a wife ? who, who scoffs at all you say, who claims to be held only by her own, and not by her husband. ...read more.


This runs a distinct contrast with Duffy?s constant feminist theme of equality ? this response poem directly portrays women the view that Duffy fights against in her collection of poems. The effect of male superiority in this poem is highlighted by Mr Aesop?s constant bemoaning of the inability of his wife to earn knowledge and be more of a subservient character, and hence draws out the message to the audience that Mr Aesop is extremely a reactionist person with archaic values regarding marriage and knowledge. This poem extensively uses the poetic device of irony; in that Mr Aesop constantly is upset by his wife?s actions, although it would be obvious to the reader that Mr Aesop is at fault here; for example the second to last stanza. This poem was written in free verse; a conversational style that I believed represented Mr Aesop the best. I tried to portray a discontinuity and constant rambling on using enjambment frequently with a conversational tone. The poem also assumes an implied listener; that Mr Aesop is complaining to a sympathetic listener about his plight. In conclusion, this written task explored the textual portrayal of inequality between the genders, and is a response to Duffy?s original poem Mrs Aesop as a contrast from the masculine point of view, but also supports her poem by demonstrating characteristics of Mr Aesop that are anti-feminist. Word Count: 300 words ...read more.

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