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My creative writing assignment is based off of the book Thousand Cranes by Yasunari Kawabata. This novel is about the power of different types of relationships and how those relationships affect characters life decisions.

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My Complicated Life World Literature 2 Aaron Sacks 966861 Mr. Engler April 2011 1470 words Aaron Sacks 2/22/11 Period 1 Statement Of Intent My creative writing assignment is based off of the book Thousand Cranes by Yasunari Kawabata. This novel is about the power of different types of relationships and how those relationships affect characters' life decisions. In this post World War II story, tragedy strikes more than once. People die, relationships diminish, and sadness arises. This novel sparks the idea that children are just like their parents, in the good ways and most definitely in the bad ways. The abandonment of those that you love is a common theme in this book while feeling the shame of those you love is another. The journal of Fumiko, a main character in the book, is an important point of view in the story that could be used for a better understanding of the text. This journal will describe what Fumiko is really feeling, not only through her actions and openly displayed emotions, but also through her thoughts. It displays foreshadowing while also describing the thoughts of a character who is connected to everybody in her own right. Because Fumiko is affected by most everything that occurs in the book she has so many different opinions that are important to know. This journal also describes why Fumiko did some of the things that she did, and what the thought process behind all of her actions were. ...read more.


I know that my mother has the right to escape her sorrows and be happy. I have to accept the fact that the man that my mother now loves is going to be in my life. Yes, what my mother is wrong, but life isn't always black and white. Journal Entry 3: Sorry After accepting Mr. Mitani in to my life I decided to make amends, and actually attempt to create a relationship with him. I discovered that he is a good man, a plain man, and a man with a lot of love to spread. My mother is happy when she is with Old Mr. Mitani and her happiness is all I care about. I'm finally glad that my mother has found another man to love, but if it were me, I would never be able to love another man. However, I am nothing like my mother. Journal Entry 4: The Loss of Another I am writing today because another death of someone close to me has occurred. Old Mr. Mitani died of a terrible illness. I can't believe it. He was somewhat of a father figure to me, he was a friend who would always listen to me when I had something to say, he is gone. Despite our slow beginning, we had a bright relationship. "[I] didn't mind taking risks" (25) so I would help him get home "during the raids" (25) and he would help me turn any bad day in to a good one. ...read more.


I can try to understand it or I can just accept it and move on. It's easier said than done. My family has left me, I am alone. Journal Entry 8: Like Her I'm her, I'm just liker her, and I can't help it. "I'm like my mother in all sorts of trivial ways" (102). I hadn't realized the comparisons until now, until I too got involved with Kikuji. Almost every connection that I had to my mom was destroyed, but Kikuji kept me close. My mother used Kikuji to remind her of Old Mr. Mitani and now Kikuji is using me to remind him of my mother. Although I know I am being used it is really out of my control; "[I] had become absolute, beyond comparison. [I] had become decision and fate" (145). I was ashamed of my mother and now I am ashamed of myself. Journal Entry 9: The End What can I do? Life seems hopeless and living seems useless. Nothing ever gets better and things only get worse. I thought I had severed all ties with my mother by breaking her shino but Kikuji still exists. To truly end our comparisons, and destroy the Ota legacy I must cheat fate. Everyone dies sometime and I felt that "death was at [my] feet" (147). I am fine with ending my life as long as every bad thing I have done leaves with me. Death is inevitable and once I'm gone I will never be in pain again, I will never feel ashamed again. ...read more.

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