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Narcissistic Love Story - Dostoevskys Akulkas Husband

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Pike Samantha Pike Professor Gatrall GNHU 294-01 2 October 2012 Empty Heart A love story does not always have to be picturesque in containing two characters mutually in love and involving a happy ending. However, the main characteristic a love story must have at least some element of is the obvious: love. However, Dostoevsky?s ?Akulka?s Husband? embodies none of these options. There is no true affection found anywhere in the story. Therefore, by definition it cannot be considered a ?love story.? Right away, we can tell that Shishkov is a weak character and question his trustworthiness. On page 259 the prison guard describes him as ?shallow? and ?unstable.? A character who only wanted attention, he did not marry Akulka of his own desire, but because it was suggested by his own mother to get money (263). ...read more.


This is yet another example of his severe lack of love for her. On page 267 even more of his sick flaws are brought to light. Mentioning that he ?just got into the habit of it,? and ?she could do nothing right,? are him directing his problems onto her. When he claimed that ?If I didn?t beat her, I would get bored,? that line proves that he was using her. Clearly Shishkov only wanted to use her as a personal punching bag and had no feelings of affection toward her whatsoever. As Akulka was constantly abused and ?always crying? (267), it is pretty clear that the lack of affection was mutual. The other man involved in Akulka?s life, Filka is yet another horrid man only interested in money. ...read more.


When Filka begged Akulka for her forgiveness and she consented, I imagined her consent was out of love. However, reading back, Filka?s apology seems out of place and forced and her consent just an example of her strength of character in forgiveness. Her confession, ?I love him now more than anyone else in the world? (268) may just be her appreciation of someone showing compassion towards her and is not a declaration of true love. Akulka unfortunately never even had a chance at love. There was no love to be found anywhere in her life, only lies and deceit. So, while the promise of love was scattered a few times in the text, no one ever actually took up the offer. In the end, this story is devoid of compassion and leaves the reader with an empty heart, not one filled with the happiness that love brings. ...read more.

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