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Oedipus Rex Study Question Answers

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Oedipus Rex Study Question Answers 1) Oedipus is a great celebrity, a national leader of a city-state at a moment of crisis. The citizens have enormous respect, even love, for Oedipus. He is a person of enormous self-assurance and self-confidence, a man who is willing to take on full responsibility for dealing with the crisis, a task which he clearly accepts as his own unique challenge. The opening also makes clear to us that both the chorus's confidence in Oedipus and his strong sense of his own worth derive from past experiences where he solved the riddle of the sphinx in turn saving the city of Thebes. 2) In The Waste Land, Tiresias is the narrator of "The Fire Sermon." He muses over the meaningless of everything as a blind man who perceives the scenes through unseeing eyes. He is a link between life and death, seeing and unseeing, reality and nightmare. In Oedipus, Oedipus calls upon Tiresias to aid in the investigation searching for the killer of the previous king. At first, Tiresias refuses to give a direct answer and instead hints that the killer is someone Oedipus really does not wish to find. However, after being provoked to anger by Oedipus' accusation first that he has no foresight and then that Tiresias had had a hand in the murder, he reveals that in fact it was Oedipus himself who had committed the crime. ...read more.


Only a man like Oedipus, a man possessing tremendous self-confidence, could have such courage. When Oedipus succeeds, freeing the city from the Sphinx's evil reign, he becomes instantly famous and known for his bravery and intelligence. Oedipus' bold actions seem to be a blessing, a special gift from the gods used to benefit the city as a whole. Indeed Oedipus is idealized by the Thebans, yet at times he seems to spite the gods, assuming authority that normally belongs to them. He pompously tells the Chorus, which implores the gods for deliverance from the city plague that even though they pray to the gods, he will grant them their prayers. The people accept, even long for, this language from their king. Since the gods don't seem to give them aid, they place their hopes in Oedipus, this noble hero who has saved Thebes in the past and pledges to save it again. 6) Jocasta is the first realize that Oedipus is her son and that the prophecy did come true. She ends up committing suicide right after she learns of the news. After hearing from the messenger, Jocasta begs Oedipus not to follow the trail of clues anymore while Oedipus wants to find where Laius is and questions him. ...read more.


So Oedipus has lived the three stages. The riddle of the Sphinx was the mystery of man. 10) The contribution of the chorus to the total effect of Oedipus is considerable. They link the play with common humanity. In some sense, they are often in the position of the ideal spectator. They fill in the gaps, in the action when no other character is there on the stage. They add to it the element of melody which must have been one of the attractions of Greek tragedy, though now we know very little about Greek music. They provide an appropriate transition between the titanic, heroic figure of Oedipus and the mass of common humanity represented by the two shepherds in Oedipus. The tragedy of Oedipus and its relevance to common life is very well stressed by the Chorus in the exodus. Representing the Theban people, It ties everything up and laments Oedipus' tragic fate from beginning to end, from glory to downfall, where it concludes that death is the only escape from all pain. It can be imagined as a huge group of people gathered on stage in white ceremonial robes, hands held up in brayer, swaying back and forth with bowed heads as they trudge through the exit off to the right of the amphitheater. ...read more.

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