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"Of Mice and Men" Film and Novel Comparison

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Of Mice and Men Film and Novel Comparison John Steinbeck crafted a masterpiece while writing his novel, Of Mice and Men . This novel was later adapted for the big screen by Gary Sinise. Most books are usually much better than their movie versions, because an author can write for as long as he wants, and with as much detail as he wants. Movies normally have to severely shorten the story by removing the details or even leaving out parts of the story line. It is very unlikely to find a movie that is better than the original book, but Of Mice and Men is one of those rare occasions. This movie has a great choice of soundtrack, which makes the scenes more enjoyable and provokes strong feelings. Also the differences in the scenes makes the film version preferable. Some scenes are slightly changed, and other new scenes are added, which adds a lot to the story. ...read more.


In the movie, during a scene, Curley?s wife tells George about how she had a collection of records she liked to listen to, but that Curley had broken them. This shows that Curley took out his anger on his wife, which makes him seem even a more cruel man than in the novel. Also, in the movie the beginning scene shows George on a train, and the last scene shows this again, so it means that the whole story is a flashback. This is a very interesting detail and a good addition to the story. Also, in the movie, during the scene when the men are moving sacks of barley, two men have to carry each sack, while Lennie carries the sacks alone, and even the two men working together can?t keep up with him. Also, in the film version, George shows he cares a lot about Lennie, not like in the book. ...read more.


She can?t talk to him, or to anybody in the ranch, because the workers are afraid that they will be punished by Curley if he sees them talking to his wife. Se is trapped in this horrible life, because she can?t leave; she has no money and probably has no place to go. In the film, Curley?s wife is a girl that can?t escape the nightmare she has for a life. When comparing John Steinbeck?s Of Mice and Men novel and film adaptation, the film stands out as the better one. A great soundtrack is used, which provokes strong emotions and gets the viewer more into the story. The slight differences in scenes, and the completely new scenes add a lot to the story, and make it richer. Also, the differences in Curley?s wife give the story a very interesting twist, which makes the story even more exceptional. All these changes make the film version of Of Mice and Men better than the novel. ...read more.

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