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Pedro Salinas Critical Analysis. In his poem La voz a ti debida he explores a deeper meaning of love by comparing appearance with reality and the superficial with the transcendent.

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Pedro Salinas Critical Analysis Pedro Salinas has a reputation of one of the great love poets of his time. In his poem ?La voz a ti debida? he explores a deeper meaning of love by comparing appearance with reality and the superficial with the transcendent. This particular poem is one part of a trilogy of love poems written by the author between 1933-1939. All three were well received. The other two poems ?Razon de amor? and ?Largo lamento? describe the reason for love and the pain of separation, whereas the first focuses on the confusion of love. The works of Pedro Salinas were referred to as ?prosias? by Federico Lorca; a famous Spanish poet from a similar era. Prosias is something Lorca used to describe a work wherein there is no distinguishable pattern, rather a mixture between prose and poetry. Testament to this fact there seems to be no recognisable pattern throughout the poem. Pedro Salinas uses language that is not conventional to the poetry of his time; he uses a lot of symbolism, metaphor and imagery. ...read more.


Mermaids are also supposed to be associated with beauty and desire, they are angelic, virginal and young. They are also surrounded by water, so they are with nature, suggesting that love is natural, involuntary and all encompassing. As a result people’s identities are altered as they are overcome with emotion and fantasy. Furthermore, the mermaid in snow was confusing, however this could have been a device which Salinas used to represent the confusion of love, as he associates opposites with each other. This could be suggestive of the fact that love can enable people to be attracted to one another despite their differences. Moreover, Salinas shows that ultimately this can often result in failure, as these people are incompatible as are mermaids with snow. ‘sirenas y corales en las nieves perpetuas, y en el fondo del mar, constelaciones ya fatigadas, las tránsfugas de la gran noche huérfana, donde mueren los buzos. Los dos. Qué descarrío!’ The reference to the death of the divers suggests that they met their fate whilst searching for, or exploring, love. ...read more.


This is a purely intentional feature included by the author in order to allow each individual reader to extract and relate to particular aspects of his writings. Therefore I believe that the poem conveys a universal meaning about love, and about how people can become infatuated with others, becoming dependent and losing their identities. The phrase ?Extraviadamente amantes, por el mundo? is be representative of this, as the narrator is suggesting that love can often be misleading for everyone. I enjoyed reading this poem as it is written in an unusual style with lots of imagery. Due to the interpretative nature of ?La voz a ti debida?, each individual reader is able to extract and understand Salinas? descriptions of the concept of love in various ways, depending on their own identity and personal experiences of love. Salinas? descriptions of love could be considered somewhat ambiguous; in that sense, he has played with a general understanding of human emotion and compassion with the aim of making his work more widely applicable and understandable to a larger group of readers. This is exactly as Salinas would have wanted ? for every individual to feel as if each line had been written specifically for them. ...read more.

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