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Perfume. Grenouille is born without any control over his wellbeing and has no money or family to turn to. Yet, Grenouille is unique though he has no scent of his own, he has an incredible gift of smell.

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Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, an atrocity from birth, is one of the oddest people in eighteenth-century France. Grenouille is born on top of fish guts in the most rancid spot in Paris. Grenouille's mother does not want anything to do with him and confesses to have rather let him die. Grenouille, however, survives out of shear spite. Besides having to endure his own birth in a garbage can, Grenouille grows up suffering from a rather unfortunate physical abnormality. He spends his early life walking aimlessly around with a hunchback and a crippled foot. He lives encapsulated in his own little cocoon and despises humankind. Grenouille is born without any control over his wellbeing and has no money or family to turn to. Yet, Grenouille is unique - though he has no scent of his own, he has an incredible gift of smell. ...read more.


He believes his destiny is to be the greatest perfumer of all time. Grenouille seeks help from a famous perfumer who teaches the art of distillation, which Grenouille quickly masters. After many disappointing experiments, Grenouille realizes he is unable to distill new scents that had never existed before. He stops his experiments and falls very ill. The dying Grenouille learns that there are ways to make scents from things other than pressing and distillation. These things can be done in the town of Grasse. The possibilities of discovering these new processes in Grasse provide Grenouille with a glimmer of hope. He is driven to stay alive in order to come closer to realizing his fate of becoming the world's greatest perfumer. On Grenouille's way to Grasse, he comes to a mountain where he discovers a natural tunnel where no living creature has ever been. ...read more.


The odor of that morning was for Grenouille the odor of hope. He guarded it carefully. And he drank of it daily." (p. 129) Grenouille drew upon that hope every day to endure his miserable existence. In reality, many people are dealt cruel hands in life. Without hope, the will to live would surely be diminished. Some of the less fortunate actually laugh in the face of fate - they choose to survive out of a stubborn vision of a better tomorrow. Even loathsome, tick-like creatures, of which Grenouille is a prime example, serve some purpose in life. Grenouille struggles along life's journeys to acquire the requisite knowledge to become the best perfumer in the world. Against all odds, Grenouille's hope and steadfast will to survive eventually lead him to achieve his dream. The road of life for Grenouille was anything but straight, yet during the ups and downs, trials and tribulations, Grenouille's hope and the will to survive saw him through to the end. Page 1 ...read more.

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