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Perfume is a book where the story is fiction yet it can be real. That's why I want to turn it into a folk tale that will be fiction yet might sound realistic to the hearer.

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Literature Essay Perfume by Patrick Suskind is a fictional story about smell and its relation to other senses and above all it's a story of identity of the human spirit. The story features a character named Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, a perfume apprentice in 18th century France who, born with no body scent himself, seeks to find the ultimate scent. He finds a young girl named Laure and finds that her scent is the best thing he has ever smelled so he seeks to extract it from her via killing her. However she has not bloomed yet so he decides to wait for 2 years in which he turns the techniques of perfumery and goers on a killing spree of 20 virgins. Perfume is a book where the story is fiction yet it can be real. That's why I want to turn it into a folk tale that will be fiction yet might sound realistic to the hearer. The story would be about Grenouille and how it created the ultimate smell yet did he? ...read more.


They say he was captured an kept as an slave in a cave for upwards of seven years maybe even eight years. One day he escaped and ended up in a little town called Pierrefort, where people though he was a escaped galley slave. Some believed that he was "not really a human being, but some mixture of man and bear, some kind of forest creature. One fellow, who had been to sea, claimed that he looked like a member of a wild Indian tribe in Cayenne, which lay on the other side of the great ocean." It was here that they fixed him up and turned him back into the human being that he is today. When he lived here, he worked for Madame Gaillard. He was her apprentice and it was here that he learned to master to art of perfumery. They say he was a quick learner and that within the first year, he had learned all their was to learn from Madame Arnulfi and started to experiment on his own. ...read more.


It's so difficult to explain. That night something took over our souls and made us do undispicable acts of human affection. It was an endless night of power and mind numbing affection that spread throughout the town from the young to the old, from the rich to the poor. It was a night that I will never forget and it was all due to that wonderful perfume. However that was the last time that I ever had a whiff of that perfume or even saw Grenouille because it was that night that Grenouille disappeared. After that night was over and the sun rose, Grenouille was nowhere in sight. Some say he was just a fragment of our imagination and others say that the whole event was just a dream. Some say that no person can create a smell so powerful and others say that it was just the smell of the wildflower growing outside our town and the wind bringing it in. But I say, that Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is a real person that created the ultimate perfume and that he is still out there, sharing his perfume with everyone. Words: 1031 ...read more.

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